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Preparation is the key to success. During AEP, it meant working out before working and having my Dunkin’ in hand as the day started. These days it’s waking up with enough time to watch The Great British Bake-off as I wake up. Honestly, the Dunkin’ is key to my preparation for everyday. The flip side is when I’m not prepared for the day, my day tends to go side ways.

So why all the talk about preparation? Last night the Mayor’s team had a game against the first place team in their division. Thankfully, Duane and Michelle brought some apple pie (moonshine,) which made the game palatable. Anyway, there was a clear lack of preparation as evidenced by nine players on the team being without mouth guards. Spoiler alert, you can’t be on the ice without it. In fact, the ref could have given the team a bench minor for it.

Nonetheless, the mouth guard debacle was indicative of how the game went. Now to be fair, this wasn’t a bad game for them to lose. It would be a much sweeter win when we see them in March. The lesson is poor preparation be it physical or mental only sets you up for a poor result. It wasn’t until I got consistent in my preparation for work that my sales really accelerated.

In other news, Anakin got bored at work this morning. Clearly, his preparation for the day wasn’t sufficient. To cope with his boredom, I guess he decided that he should chew on the picture book I just made. Fortunately, I can order new one from Shutterfly. Unfortunately, I’ll have to spend $50 to replace it. Consequently, I moved all the books off the coffee table less Anakin should get bored again.


  1. Poor preparation sets you up for a poor result, I love that. I love that statement because it is so true! Its like us as humans we need to constantly “train” ourselves for whatever life throws at us. Because if we’re not mentally and physically prepared, we are screwed!

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