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Premonition, mother’s intuition, a hunch… You know those pesky feelings that gnaw at you?  Here’s my beef with all of that…. I’m over the premonitions and intuition associated with the negative.  Last Saturday in New Hampshire, I had an overwhelming sense that Goalielocks’ injury was more than a “minor concussion.”  While it didn’t turn out to be a brain bleed, the recovery period has been anything but minor.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that my intuition kicked in and ensured my son received the proper care for his injury.  But why aren’t our mother’s intuition or premonition in tune with the winning Mega Millions or Power Ball numbers?  I call shenanigans on all of this.  There should be more premonitions about happy stuff, not just a foreboding sense of dread.  Like a premonition that you’re going to get a raise or promotion. It’s just a suggestion to the universe. #nbd


Meanwhile in reality, Goalielocks was back to school for the second day.  This morning before we left, he took two Tylenol to help stave off a headache throughout the day. Consequently, he had a much better and more comfortable day at school. #forwardprogress!   He wanted so badly to go to hockey practice tonight, but since he’s still symptomatic we can’t in good conscious let him get on the ice.  If he goes through the day tomorrow without a headache, we may let him suit up and skate.  And I mean just skate to see how his head and body respond to being back on the ice.


Meanwhile, both boys are playing in the state tournament this weekend albeit on different coasts at different rinks.  The Hubby will be staying local with the Mayor while I’ll travel to the west coast with Goalielocks.  At this point, we don’t know if he’ll be ready to play next weekend, but he wants to be there.  Unequivocally, its the right call as its a team sport and he wants to support his team.  After this season, I’m just ready for a trip to the beach.  This season is one for the books.  You know the ones filled with lots of premonitions and unseemly characters…. I’m probably going to bring my T6i to the west coast, there may be some video blog content and hockey videos coming this weekend.

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