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Well after yesterday’s midweek slump, today was peachy keen in more ways than one. First, I finally managed to run this morning. This morning was the first time I ran since Saturday. Thankfully, my knee held up pretty well throughout the 1.5 mile run. It was a little stiff afterwards, but nothing that isn’t manageable. Nonetheless, it felt good to be back on my treadmill enjoying Curb as I ran. Honestly, it’s the best morning routine I’ve ever had.

Secondly, my day at work went reasonably well. I knew today was going to be slower given the new month and the approaching holiday. However, I was able to still manufacture a respectable sales total. Hopefully tomorrow will be full of awesome calls and plenty of sales.

While I work, I’ve started to watch YouTube to help keep my energy up. I either watch the Bonaire ref’d cam, the Deerfield beach underwater cam or the Djuma live cam. There’s something about the beautiful scenery and nature that keeps my energy positive all day long. Truly, it leaves me feeling peachy keen.

Ordinarily we’d be at hockey practice tonight, but the Mayor sprained his ankle at off ice yesterday so we stayed home. He spent the majority of his day on the couch with the ankle elevated. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I had plenty of ankle braces for him to choose from for some added support. We also broke out my knee scooter for a bit, so he could stay of the ankle completely.

Tonight I made chicken stir fry, it wasn’t great. I didn’t love the way the sauce turned out at all. At least the chicken was perfectly cooked and the rice was good. To redeem myself, I made a peach cobbler. As we speak, the yummy dessert is cooking in the oven. We’ll be pairing it with some vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. I’ll be adding the recipe to the blog tomorrow. Truly, today was peachy keen in more ways than one.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read Demons, by Dostoevsky. I am really enjoying this book so far.

*I ran 1.5 miles and walked a mile and it felt great!

* I made chicken stir fry tonight and it wasn’t that great. Albeit, the chicken tasted might fine.

*I baked a peach crisp for the first time. Typically, I make apple crisp, but I thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit.

*I played with the puppies before, during and after work. I was hoping they could lift me out of my mid week slump!

*After I finish Dostoevsky, I may go back to Shakespeare despite the fact the only part I liked in Macbeth was the witches “Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.”

*Today’s word of the day is prayer. There are so many times in the course of this last year that I witnessed the power of prayer. I could probably write for days if not months on the topic.

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a walk. Did I mention I hate gnats, flies and mosquitos?

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