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One day more and AEP is over! I’m so ready for it to be done because I’m exhausted. It’s been a very successful AEP for me, but it has been grueling physically and emotionally. My voice is all but gone and my throat is quite sore. Meanwhile, my shoulders are a bit looser, but they’re still a disaster. Nonetheless, I tried to get up regularly today and stretch my neck and shoulders.

I’m looking forward to life getting back to normal starting Wednesday. I may even have a social life again. Okay, that was a bit far fetched. However, I would argue that living at the rink is a sort of social life. Thursday Goalielocks has his senior pictures, but afterwards I’m going to start my holiday baking.

While waiting for my calls to come in, I was perusing social media. I will never understand some people. Who the fuck are you that you are entitled to anything? Do people honestly feel that they should be hired without following the normal process? And why lash out at people that are trying to help you. And just fyi your life experiences no matter how poor will never legitimize your poor behavior. I shall now step off my soap box because one more day and AEP is over.

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