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Not much to report from the home front today. We spent the day at home, cleaning and relaxing. After the emotionally and mentally exhausting week of tryouts, we deserved a day of rest. My hubby cleaned out the three fridges and all the old leftovers. Suffice to say, there was an ample pile of dishes waiting to be cleaned. Incidentally, the collection would not have been so significant if Goalielocks had run the dishwasher at capacity instead of half full.

Speaking of Goalielocks, he remains on a third shift schedule, which is confounding when it comes to getting his chores done timely. Today my husband had it with his delays and shut off the electricity to his room. Yeah, my hubby is savage. In fact, he’s also taken Goalielocks’ door off the hinges multiple times. After a brief, but anger fueled exchange with my son, he emerged downstairs to do his chore. Surprisingly, he was easygoing and not the least bit moody when he finally made it downstairs. Unquestionably, you can imagine how happy I was to find him in an amiable mood. He even completed his chore.

I always have to do a little bit of coaxing to get my Mayor to do his chores, but we haven’t had to resort to such drastic measures to get him moving. He sweeps/vacuums and picks up the floor. Most days I would give him a barely passing grade for his work. However, today he did do a good job. While my hubby worked out in the garage, I folded the laundry. Happily, after Goalielocks’ clothes come out of the dryer we will be all done with that. Thankfully, I’m already done as both Goalielocks and the Mayor do their own laundry.

This evening we spoke with Jake. He continues to thrive in his new environment, which makes this mama super happy. His dorm looks spacious and has good storage, which is always a plus. Moreover, it is clear he likes his new job and is happy with his choice. Obviously, I cannot wait to see my boy. Only twelve more days! Today I was looking for new hiking boots for Goalielocks, who has outgrown his old ones. Fortunately, the Mayor can fit into his old pair. Did I mention I can’t wait?

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read The Song of the Lark, by Willa Cather

*Morning and afternoon meditation put me in a good space. It was a dreamy Saturday!

*I spoke with my airmen via FaceTime!

*Obedience training Anakin

*Week 9 BBG 2.0 day 7 yoga

*Goalielocks scored 100% on his algebra 2 test! Yay!

*I’m exhausted, so I shall seek my bed early tonight.

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