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So I missed a day! In my quest to write everyday since the pandemic began, I’ve only missed two days. Unsurprisingly, there is a commonality involved in both of these days. I’ll give you a hint, if tastes good and includes tequila. Yep, you guess it it was another epic night of margaritas and Prosecco. On the scale of margarita nights, it was a one paragraph night. Meaning I could only read one paragraph in my book before falling asleep.

Nonetheless, the margaritas were the perfect happy ending to a productive weekend. Before I got to Sunday night, I competed my Chair Yoga Certification with Eva at Open Heart Yoga Studio. Let me tell you, I wish I had chair yoga available to me when I tore my tendon. I could have kept up my practice without injuring my ankle further. Moreover, as the chair yoga class I took showed, the calorie burn was equivalent to a mat yoga class.

It was truly an eye opening experience. What I love about chair yoga is it makes yoga accessible. Importantly, I’m pursuing my yoga teacher training because I want to help people help themselves. A regular yoga practice has been cathartic band healing for me. Additionally, the training provided me with the opportunity to practice teaching. However, the best part of training was the teacher and fellow students. I learned so much from everyone. Eva teaches an amazing yoga class and is the perfect teacher. I loved every minute of it.

Pursuing yoga teacher training coincides perfectly with my desire to pursue a life where peace and happiness are the only choice. Clearly this doesn’t mean that everything will be perfect, but the things that no longer served me will be gone. Too often the only lens we see in this world is the one that gives the bleakest picture. All weekend we were inundated with pictures of rioters and looters. Meanwhile there were beautiful and meaningful protests going on across the country and in conjunction with local law enforcement. Even in the craziness, there was love to be found.

The last several months have been incredibly difficult for everyone: especially virtual school. So naturally I had to celebrate the end of the school year. The margaritas PJ was making were so good that we had a bit of a goose that laid the golden egg situation. We went through all the mixers and alcohol. Fortunately, I came prepared with a chilled bottle of Prosecco. Once the margarita well ran dry, the Prosecco rose merrily to the challenge.

We had such a great time with Mel and her folks last night. Since she officially graduates on Wednesday, we brought over her graduation gifts and card. Fortunately, we got a gift ourselves when Jake called via FaceTime. It was a lot of fun for him to talk to all of us. After awhile, we decided to give my parents a call, so we all spoke on FaceTime. It was great to see Jake looking so great and happy to be talking to everyone. Additionally, it was a great distraction for my parents after all the riots in Minnesota this past week.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Vilette a wonderful book by Charlotte Bronte

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*watched Bolt

*Obedience training Anakin

*Enjoyed a well cooked dinner courtesy of myself and Blue Apron!

*Week 3 BBG 2.0 day 1 legs

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

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