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As we approach another month of social distancing, it is super important to be maintaining connection with our friends and family. This pandemic has seemingly lasted forever and has been isolating for many. By maintaining connection, you remove not only yourself from isolation, but your friend and family as well. Plus, it’s nice to see people that reside outside of your home!


To this end, we had a family Zoom call tonight, which was a lot of fun. My parents, my brothers and their families and even Jake joined in for an hour of family together time and shenanigans. Obviously, it was super awesome to see my airman! Moreover, the rest of my family enjoyed seeing him as much as I did. I was impressed that my two younger ones made a pretty solid appearance on the call. Clearly, I expected them to avoid it at all costs. Needless to say today’s call was awesome!! Perhaps this will become a new family tradition.

Today was my first full day on the T3 medication. First of all, I actually fell asleep right away last night for the first time in months. Secondly, my 2.3 mile run, #IrunwithMaud, went really well and was relatively easy. Lastly, and most importantly, I’ve had energy throughout the entire day. Usually, I’m hit in the afternoon with an incredible wave of fatigue. Truly, I couldn’t keep my eyes open or get off the couch most afternoons. Hopefully, this is an indication of things to come.


This afternoon I had my second yoga teacher training session via Zoom. We studied more of the history of yoga as well as some of its key tenets. In addition we discussed Iyengar and the difference between the Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga. We even put some of our learning into practice, which was great! In fact, I even got to try teaching namaskar A. Naturally, I was nervous, but it went well. I’m looking forward to next week’s class.

It’s funny that the same technology that makes us distant under normal circumstances is bringing us together during quarantine and making us better. For once, our phones are being used to maintain connection with our loved ones and friends in a real way. Truly, I haven’t talked on the phone this much since middle school. Moreover, I’ve been using my laptop and phone to improve myself and learn new skills. This pandemic has presented an opportunity for us all to become better if we choose that path. While it would be easy to choose the path of a nomad, I choose to walk the path to self improvement. Concurrently of course with the path to European chocolate. This is what I call balance.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

*Yoga teacher training with Monica from Yoga Mundo 

*Watched It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Week 11 BBG day 6 cardio – ran 2.3 miles for Maud

*Virtual family fun

*Goalielocks hooked a nice peacock bass

*Obedience training Anakin courtesy of myself and the Mayor. 

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on a walk. 

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