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It’s not Friday and that’s a double bummer. I still have one more day to work this week. And two, I have one more work day between me and two weeks of vacation. By vacation, of course, I mean staycation. The weather here in South Florida has been and will continue to be glorious through the holidays. Undoubtedly, my parents will enjoy the reprieve from the winter wonderland that is Minnesota. Jake will also enjoy the weather since his base has faced a number of large winter storms already this winter season.

Speaking of Jake, he made it to Tallahassee last night. He’ll be staying there with Melody until she’s completed her finals. Once the finals and work are done, they’ll drive home together for the Christmas holiday. I’m so glad they’re making the drive together. It’s a long drive for Tallahassee to South Florida, which can get awfully lonely. Moreover, I like that Melly won’t be traveling by herself. It’s not that it’s unsafe to travel here; it’s just better to travel with company.

Took a quick break while I had a call only to come back to my blog and realize it’s not Friday. Can you believe it?! It’s still freaking Friday eve. Since AEP is over, the business has moved at a tortoise’s pace. And by tortoise, I mean a baby tortoise because the amount of business I’m seeing is quite small. Nevertheless, I’ve been quite productive at home. I’ve been going through my closets to get rid of stuff. I even shampooed my carpets the other day.

Since it is slow post-AEP, my company gave us the last week of December off paid. We also can take as many days off in December as we would like. I have to say, I love working here during the holidays. My old job would suck the life out of you and send you on your merry way at like 3:00 pm on Christmas Eve. Honestly, I will never go back to working for a company that places no importance on work life

The word of the day is terete, which means cylindrical or slightly tapering without furrows or ridges.

Today’s song comes courtesy of Beyoncé’s Lemonade album.


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