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I’ve been thinking about the holidays for a couple of weeks now and thought it might be time to make a list of my hockey mom holiday goals.   Hockey moms, given our crazy schedule, take a little bit of a different approach to the holidays.  As much as I’d love to go crazy decorating the house, I have neither the time nor the money.  After all, Goalielocks already needs a new set of leg pads.

Here’s my list:

  1. Put the Christmas tree up before Christmas and take it down before Valentine’s Day.   So we’ll definitely get the tree up by Christmas, but Valentine’s Day feels a bit aspirational given our January/February schedule.  The oddsmakers have the odds at 25:1 for tree removal before Valentine’s Day.  Coincidentally, the Mayor will be taking bets….                                                                           images (34)
  2. Try not to gain the holiday 10 on top of the hockey 5.  This one will be tough with holiday parties, hockey games, cookies and drinks galore.  But, hey at least I have goals.                                 e4bef8c4247a68cf899b9d503ba10787
  3. I will try to bake Christmas cookies before Christmas and hide them so we have cookies through Christmas.   At least, I’ll have some awesome cookies from BG to tide me over until I can bake mine! 10._SugarCookie
  4. Spend less money on things and more on experiences.  There isn’t a gift in the world that can compare to the fun we had as a family in Norway.  Truly our Norway trip was the best gift we ever gave ourselves and our kids.  I’d go back any day to see that beautiful place and the beautiful patina on its statues and metal work.  Of course for the cost of Goalielocks’ leg pads, I could buy a ticket to Oslo… (I’m only kidding Goalielocks.)IMG_0274
  5. My goal is to stay in the gym, on the running path and on my mat throughout the holidays, so I can stay sane.  Yes dear hubby, this one’s for you.  This should also help with goal number 2.
  6. This year my goal is to create a Christmas card on Shutterfly and order it in time for Christmas.  However, there is a slight chance here that your Christmas card may be delivered with your Valentine’s day card.  Christmas cards
  7. My last goal for this holiday season is to enjoy the time I have with my family and friends.  These are the people that make my world go round and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Tonight’s song in keeping with the holiday theme is “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey.


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