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After arriving at the hospital a bit tardy, we were swiftly checked in and sent up to the surgical waiting room. There was some question as to whether or not they’d perform the surgery as Goalielocks has been sick.

We met with both the anesthesiologist and his physician, who were both concerned that he’d been ill. The anesthesiologist listened to his lungs and found some congestion present. Afterward we met with his surgeon, who  decided that the best and safest option was to delay the procedure 3-4 weeks.  Of course, it was easy for him to make this determination after hearing him cough.

So we’re heading home exhausted from the early morning alarm. Now Goalielocks can head to school and we can both head into work. Thanks for all the well wishes!  Please keep him in your prayers, so his lungs can heal and we can put this chapter behind us.

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