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He made it to his new home! That’s right my son left tech school early this morning to fly to his final duty station. We weren’t given many details as to the happenings aside from the day. In fact, I woke to a text from him that he had already taken off and was on his way. Of course, leaving is always bittersweet. He had a great BMT experience, I know it sounds crazy, and an equally wonderful Tech school experience. Fortunately, he had two great roommates. His first was never around as he was allowed to live with his wife in on-base housing. However, his second roommate has become a good friend. Undoubtedly, he left tech school with several new life long friends and will look back on these days with fondness.

Now back to my neurotic military mom’s mind, which was trying to figure out which flight and airline he was on before getting out of bed. Eventually, I heard from him when he landed for his brief layover in Dallas. While I was in yoga, he boarded his second flight of the day. By this time, I had figured out his flight number and was dutifully stalking him as I got my namaste on. Fortunately, I took today’s yoga class via Zoom, so I could stalk without distracting my fellow yogis. As for today’s yin class, it was absolutely delicious. I’m really loving the balance that this yin class has brought to my practice and my body.

Once yoga was over, I did my hair. I know, it’s amazing, right? I think it’s the first time I’ve plugged my flat iron on since 2019. Needless to say, I think it might be time for a larger flat iron as my hair is no longer short. Fortunately, my flat iron did the trick and my hair looked good. Once I finished my hair, I added some eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick a headed to work. Fortunately, the commute from my bathroom to my bedroom office was quite short and without traffic jams. While it may seem unlikely that there could be a traffic jam at my house, please remember I have two teenage boys and three dogs. Anything is possible with them!

Today was a really productive day for me work-wise. I made several new connections with really interesting people. One thing that I love about this job so far is meeting and connecting with extraordinary people. These folks have their ish together! It’s awesome! Truly, I think connecting with interesting people will feed my soul. For example, I connected with two women today that are doing extraordinary things in their communities. I can’t help, but feel empowered and inspired by their successes. It’s an exciting time, but also a grind. I worked on pitches for several hours today with mixed success.

Usually, I would run on Thursday, but my hips weren’t feeling it today. As Shakira so wisely said, “hips don’t lie,” so I skipped my run. Instead, I’ll log my runs on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, I can get up early enough to run outside before the heat is too oppressive. I built a lot of momentum over the morning, so by skipping my run I kept my work productivity firing on all cylinders. It was a win-win situation. Also, I think this demonstrated huge personal growth for me as before I would always run through the pain – no matter what. Clearly, I paid a high price for that and have learned my lesson. Yay me!

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read Shirley, by Charlotte Bronte.

*Yin Yoga with Jennifer from Open Heart Yoga Studio

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*I cooked cheese smothered chicken served with mashed potatoes and roasted carrots. This HelloFresh meal is amazing. If you’d like to try it with no obligation, let me know.

*Took another gander at my garden today. The sweet potatoes continue to thrive, while the tomato plants have shriveled.

*Tonight I’m watching nature shows with Anakin.

*Week 8 BBG 2.0 day 4 yoga.

*He made it! I was happy to get his Facetime call from his new dorm! I’m proud that he serves our country.

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