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Today was a grind, but hey would it be Monday if it wasn’t a grind?!? I worked a twelve hour shift, so I could hit both my production and less goals. Fortunately, I got to be where I wanted to be, but it literally took until my last call. If I hadn’t close that call, who know how long I would have ended up working.

Today was an emotional grind as well. My older brother’s sweet dog Diego is dying. He caught some type of infection and it spread to his heart. This year has been absolutely devastating for our family and our dogs. Please keep their sweet puppy and their family in your prayers as Diego transitions. Honestly, it’s a total gut punch for all of us.

Speaking of grind, my left shoulder has been killing me. I haven’t lost any range of motion, but it’s awfully noisy know when I lift my arm. I’m not sure if I hurt it lifting or if it’s from sleeping on my side. Nevertheless, the pain has been horrendous and my entire arm is quite uncomfortable. If it doesn’t get better soon, I’m gonna have to get it checked out. Such as life at Level 41.


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