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 So I gotta be honest, against the back drop of the Coronavirus pandemic, today was a great day. Yep, I said it. Today was good and productive. Perhaps the 2.5 mile run Athena and I took this morning help set the right tone for the day. Cheers to runner’s high for fueling my day! Of course, I use the word run loosely. Honestly, we were pretty slow today, but that’s okay. It was a good run.

Afterwards, I took twenty minutes to stretch out and massage my legs, hips and glutes. The therapy balls (like lacrosse balls) I got after taking Christine’s mobility class at Open Heart Yoga Studio have been instrumental in keeping my legs healthy, flexible and strong. The Mayor uses my laptop for school, so he takes his lunch at noon so I can attend my yoga class.

I gotta tell you I’m finding the virtual yoga classes via Zoom to be extremely valuable. First of all, it’s nice to see people outside my family. Honestly, it feels like I’m stuck on an island sometimes. Secondly, my yoga practice has been instrumental in healing my body post Graves diagnosis. It’s important that I keep the practice up during this stressful time. Lastly, happiness is getting surprised by your sweet puppy while in corpse pose.

After a nice lunch of leftover gluten pizza, I put in my AirPods and cleaned the house. Truly, it felt nice to be able to get something accomplished for once. Thankfully, I didn’t spend most of my day harassing my kids to complete their schoolwork. Like I said, today was a great day! Moreover, they don’t have school tomorrow, so I’ll get two days in a row with less stress!!! Yay!

This afternoon I headed to Publix to get more milk and a few staples. It’s still nearly impossible to get a delivery time here. Clearly, I also had to get more gluten free cake mix. Who doesn’t like a good coffee cake to go with their coffee and quarantine? I also got two pairs of chocolate milks since BJ’s was out of the Quick mix. Thankfully, Publix wasn’t too crowded, so we were in and out pretty quickly.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

*Studied and practiced Norwegian

*Watched Schitt’s Creek and Family Guy

*Watched Remember The Titans

*Ran 2.5 miles with Athena

*Gentle Yoga for a Strong Back  with Jenn from Open Heart Yoga Studio

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

*Worked on Obedience Training with Anakin inside.

*Thrived while managing my teenagers virtual schooling.

*Ran to Publix for essentials

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