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You ever tell your kids something, but feel like they just don’t grasp what you’re saying no matter how many times you say it? I feel like I’m talking to myself sometimes as they stare blankly back at me.

Tonight the struggle was over grades with the Mayor telling me 6th grade is hard. Well that very well maybe the case, his grade isn’t poor because he’s struggling with the material. His grade is poor because he’s not completing the homework. Unquestionably, it’s beyond frustrating when a kid’s grade falls because of a lack of effort, focus, prioritization and honesty.

I think sometimes they forget that we can see their grades as often as their teachers update them. We had a conversation about Newsela last night. My hubby and I were explicitly told that Newsela wasn’t part of his coursework. Guess what, according to Edline tonight, it is a pretty sizable part of his grade. Unfortunately, he didn’t do it regularly throughout the quarter and is now paying for it dearly.

Clearly, it was one of those nights that needed to be spent in the yoga silk with peace and serenity and no Bravo Sierra. In the meantime, the WiFi to the Xbox and Roku has been cutoff for them. Pending their final grades on Friday, both boys maybe headed to the dreaded “flip phone zone.” No more iPhone for them!


  1. This may not be the encouragement you hope for, but I completely feel the struggle of no connection from your kids about what you are saying. My 3 boys all under 5 push every one of my buttons. On the flip side, when I read what you share about your ups and downs and everything in between, it gives me hope that I will survive. You and your family are in my thoughts and know that you and your husband give me and many others inspiration and hope.

  2. oh, dear, God. I feel you. This whole ONLINE real time grades is a blessing for one – as she checks them so often, and used to have mediocre grades…until now. Now, she gets straight A’s by end of quarter because she looks at the numbers and assignments and does extra work to make up for bad test grades. THEN, there is our son. One day, there will be decent grades (for him, as he has 504 and trying to do work as assigned for all students without too many exceptions for him and he struggles) so he’s okay one day…and then the teachers catch up on posting…and then grades significantly drop – A “B” is now an F due to 3 missing assignments and a D in another for a missing test and assignment. And we hear all the excuses and that “I turned that in already.” And I’ll just catch up on the next assignment. NOOOOO. You can’t just skip what you don’t feel like doing just because they allow you some flexibility with your 504. You have to do the work and all assignments before watching TV. I told him today, make sure your teacher posts that they received your work, because dad is going to look at grades tonight…and if that still reflects as missing – it won’t matter. (sigh)

    1. The struggle is real! I went to bed so frustrated and angry over all of it!!!! It shouldn’t be this hard.

      1. No lie. My husband travels and when he comes home, he checks…and that is when missing items pop up and he gets MAD at ME for allowing tv and not following up. I am just trying to maintain…separate kids so they don’t argue…get ’em to practices and performances. My husband just forwarded me a science test info both kiddos each have a test…asked both kids if they each studied (which requires more than looking at it once or twice…they don’t understand the “word” study means to memorize until you know the material! That can take a few days.) Argh

      2. Yes! It’s so tough to find balance between work, travel and activities. I’m hoping my conversation w/ the boys gets their butts in gear.

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