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On the heels of thirsty Thursday, we find ourselves absolutely fried by Friday.  The week’s been far too long with far too little sleep.  Last night’s late night hockey game didn’t help either.  First the game started around 9:00 pm and ended well after 10:00 pm.  Luckily, we made it home quickly as we’re not too far from the rink.  Once we’re home from a hockey game, however, its not like you can go straight to bed.  Chiefly, the adrenaline from the game (even when you don’t play) keeps you wide awake for hours post game.

Friday morning came all too early and brought with it a nice headache that was quickly turning into a migraine.   Unfortunately, I had a presentation this morning, so I couldn’t take my Topomax (a.k.a. Dopomax) until this afternoon.  This particular migraine medicine could turn even the biggest genius into a babbling idiot that can’t speak or write coherently.   Notice there’s not many big words in tonight blog?  Blame it on the Dopomax.  Thankfully, between the Aleve and the dopomax, I started to find some relief, but not much.

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I was super bummed that I had to miss the Mayor’s game this afternoon, but I had much to accomplish at work.   Fortunately, the game was broadcast on, so I was able to watch the game live in my office.  There was a slight delay, but even with the slight delay there is nothing better than watching my boys play hockey.  Truly, this is the best medicine.

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Tonight was Goalielock’s team as we took on the CFHL in a rematch from the Labor Day Tournament.  Per usual, I was tucked away by myself safely in the penalty box.   Undoubtedly, this is exactly where I belong.  Tonight we had a blast in the box, two blondes and a brunette.   Two gorgeous hockey moms, my friend Eileen and I.  Plus our new favorite person, the beautiful brunette scorekeeper, who thought we both looked like we were 25.


Since Goalielocks played this evening’s game, I needed a little distraction to maintain my sanity.  Consequently, I played some sweet tunes throughout the game.  As the game clock wound down, I readied my phone ready to crank Journey once the clock expired.   At the final buzzer, the celebrated near Goalielocks as Don’t Stop Believing blared through the speakers.   It was the perfect song for a game that could have gone either way, but ended up a W for our boys.


Now its off to bed, so we can get back to the rink early for the Mayor’s game at 8:30.  It’s gonna be a busy day full of with three games and my first aerial yoga class.  I cannot wait to try Monica’s new class at Burn between hockey games!



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  1. I remember those days…. Not Hockey, (you would think, living in Alaska… but we don’t get ice or snow in our little corner… Anyhoo.) It was soccer. Late nights under the soccer lights on crisp fall nights. I know it is crazy busy, but enjoy that busy, trust me, you will miss it some day.

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