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As South Florida enjoyed its first cool front of the fall, my parents and family in Minnesota were enjoying the first snow of the season.  I fondly remember enjoying the first snow as a child.  Sometimes it would come as early as September.  Other years it would come in October, and often early November. Naturally, as I got older and had to drive in the snow, my appreciation for the season’s first snow began to wane.  Emphatically this was especially true when I was working as an auto claims adjuster.

Now living in S. Florida, our weather drama is made up of hurricanes, the rainy season and season. Snowbirds, fleeing from the North, are the cause for S. Florida’s traffic slowdown.   In contrast to Minnesota, where a poorly time snowfall makes for an incredibly miserable commute.  While I can’t say that I enjoy snowbirds, I’ll take them over black ice and driving through blizzards any day.  If I’m being honest by the end of season, I may prefer black ice to snowbirds.  Most, at least on the East Coast, are superbly rude, drive incredibly slow and have predilection for turning left from the far right lane.


Unquestionably there’s something serenely beautiful about freshly fallen snow.   This is especially true as I admire it from afar.  Now instead of enjoying the beauty of freshly fallen snow, I delight in the beauty that Florida’s sunrises and sunsets offer.  Almost everyday, we are able to enjoy an incredible sunset.  I’m sure the same is true of sunrises.  Generally, unless I’m running in 5k that starts at 7:00 am, I am not seeing the sunrise.


As the sun begins to set in the sky, the sky is filled with brilliant blue, pink, orange, red and sometimes purple hues.  I remember running right after Hurricane Matthew to an incredibly brilliant sky that night.  Interestingly, there’s an old adage that states that “red skies at night, sailors delight.”  The night before the hurricane was to have hit our coast, the sunset was almost colorless.  There was only the sun with none of the usual brilliant hues.   Whether or not the old adage holds true, I don’t know.

Importantly I should clarify that a cold front in S. Florida means it dipped below 80 degrees.   Truly the brief respite from the heat and humidity has been a godsend.  I even got to wear one of my great workout sweaters to Barre Wednesday night without overheating horrifically.  Unfortunately, our brief respite is supposed to end this weekend as tropical moisture pushes up from the Gulf of Mexico.  Of course, by tropical moisture, I do mean an area of low pressure forecasted to be a tropical storm just off our coast.  Good times!  While Minnesota enjoys its first snow fall of the season, a busy hurricane season is trying to squeeze in one more storm, for Florida, before the season ends November 1st.

Tonight’s song comes to us courtesy of the Cure: Friday I’m in Love


  1. Very nice pictures!! I live in Wisconsin and there was talk of snow and I love it! Last year I was in Florida for Christmas and it was weird to be outside in shorts and a
    t-shirt 🙂 Its fun to see all the decorations up still! I am sure once the first big storm comes I will change my mind but until then, I love winter in Wisconsin! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I have to admit, I love how the Palm trees look all it up for Christmas. Its truly a beautiful sight, but nothing beats Christmas back home with snow on the ground and the beautiful snow covered pines.

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