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I feel like I’ve been running a marathon and the finish line is in sight. Like any race, AEP has been exhausting and exhilarating mentally and physically. It will be nice not to spend over twelve hours a day talking on the phone for a change. So if I haven’t called lately, I’ll be back to calling friends and family once AEP is done.

When I was running a lot of 5ks, the finish line always led to a final surge. Naturally, I almost always felt like I wanted to throw up immediately afterwards. However, in the hours and day after the benefits were well worth the hard work. Fortunately, this will also be the case with AEP. Starting next week, we’re actually allowed to take off as much time in December as we want, which is amazing.

While I worked all days, the hubby and the younger two headed to Ellenton for games. Of course I had to work on the one weekend both boys played at the same rink on the same day. So lame!! I did, however, watch the first three games on LiveBarn. Instead of watching the fourth game, I’m nervously writing this blog. Goalielocks is net, which as we all know makes me nutty.

The Mayor’s leg has healed sufficiently, so he was able to play today. He looked great. Please keep his teammate in your prayers as he broke his leg in today’s game. Unfortunately, he caught an edge and slammed hard legs first into the boards. It was absolutely gnarly. Thankfully, it wasn’t worse, but spending your night in the ER in Ellenton isn’t a dream come true.

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