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Wednesday has quickly become my favorite day during quarantine. Usually I do my BBG arms workout in the morning, walk in the afternoon and yoga in the evening. Of course, the best part of the yoga in the evening is that my Hubby grills steaks for dinner. Consequently, by the time I finish yoga dinner is about to be served. Tonight was no exception as the Hubby grilled filets, chicken sausages and some potatoes and onions. Yummy!

Today’s BBG workout was really tougher than normal, but I’m not 100% sure why. My shoulders and arms were quite fatigued going into the workout. Of course, there were more burpees. However, these were of the lay down variety with no tuck jump. Needless to say they absolutely kicked my butt. Next on the hit parade was the spider man push up. While I absolutely hated these last time, I came to appreciate the thoroughness with which they work your body. Also, I was a lot more proficient at them today.

Our weather has remained beautiful albeit a bit warmer and quite windy today. We have a system trying to develop off our East Coast, which is giving us a bunch of wind. Clearly, the last thing we need is a tropical system to add to the fun 2020 has already brought. I took the puppies for a brief walk before and after lunch. Anakin loves observing everything and chasing birds whenever possible.

Monica, my yoga teacher, dropped off some of the books that I’ll need to teacher training, which was great. Don’t worry we observed social distancing rules as we chatted about yoga, checked out the gardens and played with the puppies. Truly, it was super awesome to have in person contact with someone outside my family. My dogs were also excited to make a new friend. Anakin was a bit shy at first, but within thirty seconds he was covering her face with puppy kisses. He is such a loving and affectionate dog.

This evening brought Christine’s last yoga class before maternity leave. Naturally, it was fabulous. Wednesday are my favorite day because I love how Christine’s class makes me feel. In fact, my lower back and hips are now quite happy and relaxed. It was challenging, but oh so good. I am going to miss her classes while she’s on maternity leave. Fortunately, there are some great Wednesday night options for alternate classes. Nonetheless, I’ll be anxiously awaiting her return in the end of July.

Everyday fellow bloggers provide a prompt to help their fellow writes breakthrough writers block. As luck would have it, one of today’s prompts was pedantic. If you’re like me and Family Guy is the background music to your life, then your first thought probably went to the Family Guy episode where Peter wins Trivial Pursuit. Unquestionably, one of my favorite scenes is when Peter refers to Lois’ meatloaf as “shallow and pedantic.” Obviously, this word prompt was perfect for my favorite day.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Agnes Grey by Willa Cather and loving it!

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Week 10 BBG day 3 arms

*Mid Week Yoga Break with Christine from Movement Yoga

*Virtual school torture with Goalielocks and the Mayor

*Obedience training Anakin courtesy day Goalielocks

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

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