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Last night I had the honor of going dress shopping with Melody, Jake’s fiancée, and her bridal posse. As the mother of the groom, I can’t tell you how special it was to share in that moment. It was such a fun night that brought back memories of shopping for my own dress. Including how overwhelming dress shopping can be as the bride.

This bridal salon was huge!! It was absolutely beautiful inside and the setup was incredible. The brides are not on top of each other like I’ve seen at other bridal salons. Melly has her own bridal consultant Angelica, who did an incredible job curating dresses for her to try on. She hasn’t said yes to the dress yet, but whatever dress she picks it will be a showstopper on her.

The beautiful couple

Fortunately, the night out looking at bridal gowns kept me from buying more stuff on Amazon. It was a much needed break from my male dominated life. This morning I was back to shopping Amazon like I have an empty house. Today I picked up a drying rack for my laundry, which will replace the one I have that is falling apart. I’m sure as the day goes on, I’ll find more stuff I don’t need.

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