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For some reason, I’m drained this week. I mean running on empty and for no good reason. Every few weeks I get hit with a wave of major fatigue and this week is it Nonetheless, I still crushed my goals today. First, I killed my BBG ab workout this morning. Fortunately, it went really well. Immediately afterward, I went to Jen’s Gentle Flow class via Zoom. Let me tell you, her gentle flow class is just what the doctor ordered. My hips and legs were pretty tight this morning from running the last three days, so the hip and leg work was great for me. Once yoga finished, I grabbed a quick lunch in preparation for yoga teacher training. By a miracle of God, I was ready and on time for teacher training.

Today in yoga teacher training we spent our time focusing on the anatomy of the lower body. Specifically, we spent a lot of time studying the different muscles, how they interplay with each other, and what poses work these muscles. Meaning an issue in one muscle could throw off the entirety of the chain. My left leg, particularly my IT band, hamstrings, and hip muscles have been problematic. When you think about it makes sense that any alteration in gait or tightness in the IT band throws everything off. Moreover, it reinforces the importance of building mobility over flexibility or strength alone. Since I restarted my practice and exercise routine with a focus on building mobility, I no longer have pain when I run. Additionally, I’ve also incorporated a rigorous warm-up and cool-down routine to protect my muscles and promote mobility.

I had to share the great meme above because it’s my life. Honestly, this always happens at my house. Nobody, human or dog, needs anything until I have a minute to myself. Lately, these interruptions have been timed to coincide with Shavasana or the final relaxation pose. This pose is the penultimate moment of a yoga class wherein you are at your most peaceful and relaxed state. Naturally, this is when my kids need to ask if they can order food via DoorDash, ask if I’m done with yoga, ask for a ride to their friend’s house or let the dogs in. Honestly, their timing is the absolute worst. Anakin loves to come in when I’m doing yoga and give me kisses. Unfortunately, he makes it a little difficult to flow through the poses. Nonetheless, I’m acutely aware that someday soon these interruptions will cease.

The one benefit of feeling drained and being busy all day is that my social media use was at a minimum today. I’ve ranted on here before about Facebook, but it continues to get worse and worse. As a blogger, it would be difficult to disconnect from Facebook because its a good tool for promoting and sharing content. Comparatively, Facebook holds much less value for me as an individual. There is so much misinformation, anger and hate on the platform that it’s become untenable. People I thought were reasonable, loving individuals are seemingly filled with hate. I can’t imagine blocking or deleting someone because we hold a different opinion. Honestly, this is just childish.

My personal favorite is the people sharing the post from a middle-aged white guy’s opinion of a black women’s experience. Whether you agree with Candace Owens or not, can we agree that men need to stop speaking to an experience they can’t understand? My second favorite comes to us from the anti-masks folks. Wearing a mask in public will not kill you, nor will it change your Ph. It also doesn’t mean you support Bill Gate’s plan to take over the world or insert conspiracy theories here. It means you respect yourself and those around you. Truly, you wear a mask to protect the folks’ around you. It is not bulletproof but does add protection. Lastly, there seems to be an idea that we must all conform to all of the same opinions done to the minutia. That’s not how life works, nor how it should work.

Here the number of COVID cases continues to rise. I’ve been staying home aside from my daily coffee run and trip to the yoga studio. Honestly, I miss seeing my friends, but I don’t miss driving in the rain or rush hour traffic. Since I have an autoimmune disorder I play it safe and have all my groceries delivered. Additionally, I may have had all of Amazon delivered to my house in the last couple of months. Online shopping may make it way too easy to buy stuff I may or may not need. Although I’m fairly confident I need everything I bought. Now we’re almost to July, our puppy is seven months old. Jake has been in the service for over six months and will be 21 on Sunday. I’m bummed we can’t celebrate this milestone birthday with him this year, but we’ll make it up for it later.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskells

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Gentle Flow with Jenn at Open Heart Yoga

*I miss my airmen

*Researched RV rentals for a possible trip cross country

*Took obligatory picture of Anakin!

*Yonder look for a full product review on ny new scale

*Obedience training Anakin

*Week 5 BBG 2.0 day 5 abs

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena out for a walk

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