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After reading reports of what happened to Kyle Beach in Chicago during their Cup run, disappointed seems like too mild of a word to describe my feelings. For that matter, I’m not sure this word adequately captures how many hockey fans feel about what was allowed to happen and covered up in Chicago. The abuse Beach endured while a Blackhawk is sickening, but the way the team and the league handled it are equally terrible.

Here in Florida, we’re waiting to see how the fallout will impact Coach Q and the Florida Panthers. Coach Q is an incredible coach, but if he was complicit in this horrid affair his hockey days need to be over. Meanwhile, the Panthers are off to a very hot start this season. Nonetheless, we can’t be tempted to brush this aside in the name of the cup. After all, that’s what happened when these allegations first arose.

Bettman, who a was probably in the loop on this too, met with Coach Q today. I’ve not seen anything come across the web detailing how that meeting went. Bettman has to tread carefully here. This incident says just as much about the culture of the NHL as it does the 2010 Blackhawks. But back to the Blackhawks, these fools wrote the offender a recommendation letter. Consequently, he got a job coaching at a high school where (you guessed it) he sexually assaulted another victim. He’s now a registered sex offender. Good looking out Blackhawks….

Meanwhile, work is going well this week. My clients have been pretty nice. I did have a lady that was rude this morning, but apologized as soon as I called her on it. There’s no need to be rude. The dogs keep me company all day, which is wonderful. They wipe away any disappointment I experience during the day with their loving demeanor. They’re the best co-workers. In fact, their only fault is that they can’t make a Dunkin run for me.

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