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The hubby and I had a wonderful dinner date with my hubby tonight at the new Greek restaurant near us. Initially, we had planned to go Friday night, but he ended up working late, so we rescheduled to tonight. We both had to work this morning, so neither of us really wanted to be out late last night. And out course by late, I do mean like 8:30.

I’m had lamb chops and he had meatballs. Both were really tasty and my lamb chops were cooked perfectly. I also had a yummy drink with passion fruit and vodka. After we paid our tab, the bartender took a shot of Mastiha liquor with us. I’ll be buying some at Total Wine soon. It was sweet, but not too sweet and was really smooth.

Now we’re back home chilling on the couch watching the Minnesota Wild take on Carolina. The puppies are cuddling with as well even though hockey makes the Piggie nervous. She’s been quite the cuddle pig as of late, which is great. Athena is just the sweetest puppy. Anakin is watching the hockey game and keeping to himself. Usually at this point of the night, he’s trying to attack someone’s feet. Tomorrow night our dinner date will be at the rink.

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