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Day 2 of virtual school brought a little of the attitude I had anticipated yesterday. I never imagined that waking up a teenager, who just went to bed, could be so much fun! In the end, it turned out okay. Both boys were up, at their desks, and online exactly when they were supposed to be online. That’s right I’m batting 1.00 right now.

As for me, I had yoga teacher training today. We covered the endocrine system, which is probably my strongest subject in anatomy and physiology. After all, there’s no better way to understand the endocrine system than having one that doesn’t work. We have little bit of anatomy left before we head into methodology. I’m excited for the methodology part of training, which we will start on Friday.

I also ran two miles since I had no strength training scheduled today. Since I started the running challenge, I’ve noticed it’s gotten a lot easier. However, I also noticed that my legs are getting a bit tired. Of course, I worked my legs yesterday, so that doesn’t help either.

Tonight my hubby made us a wonderful pork chop dinner courtesy of HelloFresh. It was mighty tasty especially since I didn’t make. I really appreciated that he cooked dinner, so I didn’t have to cut my workout short. Afterward, I mixed up some brownies for the boys since the last two days have been relatively smooth.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read Mary Barton, by Elisabeth Gaskell. The Masters have been draconian in their response to their laborers setting up a horrific conflict. I’ve just gotten to the point where it’s all coming to a head. I’m well on my way to being omnilegent!

*Vinyasa with Jennifer at Open Heart Yoga Studio

*I ran two miles and walked a mile today. Naturally, I listened to Metallica and watched Curb throughout my run.

*I survived day 2 of virtual school.

*I had another pile of Amazon boxes waiting for me today.

*Goalielocks had hockey practice tonight.

*I’d like to thank Sue from JibberJanner for providing great writing prompts. Tonight they come to an end, but I’m grateful for all her hard work these past several months.

*BBG 2.0. week 12 day 2: cardio and yoga

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a walk.

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