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It’s a much cooler day today. Although I didn’t find yesterday to be particularly hot here. If you watched the news here last night, however, you would have thought the place was on fire. Nonetheless, I did enjoy running in much cooler air. There was even a bit of a breeze that felt good at my back, but was killing me when I was running into it. I did manage to add another tenth of a mile to my distance today, which was fabulous. My lungs weren’t really feeling the run at the beginning, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go.

4 days in a row!! Let’s go!

I noticed when I got back from lunch that there are a bunch of active areas in the tropical. I swear tits like vermin. One makes landfall or dissipates and another one pops up to replace it. Our hurricane kit is all set, so we’re ready for the season. Hopefully, Florida is spared a major hurricane. Our homeowners insurance market cannot withstand another big storm after Hurricane Ian’s devastation last fall. Ironically, it’s the 32nd anniversary of Hurricane Andrew’s landfall.

Last night we went to visit my paternal Grandmother. It was so nice to see her! The last time I was able to visit her was before Jake went into the Air Force. It’s mind bogglinge to think how fast time has flown by. Also, I can’t believe that I haven’t been able to see her in almost four years. Now that we’re not buried in travel hockey, I’m hoping I’ll be able to go home for more visits. It should be much easier since I won’t have to use all my time off for hockey trips.

Where did your name come from?

My name came from my maternal grandfather’s grandpa. His name was Andreas and he immigrated to the US from Romskog, Norway. When we visited our relatives in 2017, we were able to see the farm where he was born. Additionally, we were able to see the church where he was baptized. Like many Europeans of the time, he ended up in the US due to primogeniture. If you weren’t the oldest son in Norway at the time, you were out of luck.

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