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Today has become an absolute circus. In fact, it’s such a circus I was starting to think it was Monday again. Athena got sick on our carpet and in our bathroom, which was not a pretty sight. The problems really started, however, while I was spinning on my lunch hour. We lost power briefly, which made adjusting resistance and speed a bit more difficult. I was flying blind. After being off for ten minutes, the power came back on. This was awesome because my workouts definitely go faster when I’m watching a show.

Unfortunately, the power didn’t stay on for long. It went off again and stayed off. Fortunately, Apple’s AirPod Pros block out sounds. Consequently, I didn’t notice immediately that the power outage triggered our smoke alarms. As soon as I took off my AirPod, I could hear the dreadfully loud sound of the smoke alarms. Goalielocks brought in the Hubby’s ladder, so we could try to shut off the smoke alarms. At this point, I still had my AirPods in because it blocked most of the sound. The puppies, meanwhile, stayed in our room where the smoke detectors were silent.

I was able to stop the screaming smoke detectors by taking out the batter. A very high-tech power move, I know. Goalielocks removed one from the upstairs smoke alarm and the blaring stopped. Thank god! The sound is enough to drive anyone and everyone crazy. Unfortunately, the power didn’t come right back on. In fact, it wasn’t on when I needed to return to work, which was a bummer. More than that the outage seems to have fried my docking station and at least one of my monitors. So now the circus has become IT bell and I can’t work.

On top of all this, I’ve contracted whatever disease my hubby came down with this weekend. And by disease, I do mean a cold (aka man flu.). Unfortunately, as a mom, I don’t get time off for being ill or tired. No society expects mothers to keep going no matter how they feel, which to be honest is absolute bullshit. This is something I can’t reconcile. It’s something that needs to change. To be honest, it’s not something I witnessed growing up. My parents shared responsibilities and if one was sick, the other stepped up.

For the most part, when a man gets a cold, the world stops. It reminds me of when I was pregnant with the Mapgr and hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidarum. My electrolytes were so low from being unable to drink or eat that they keep me inpatient for two nights. It would have been three, but hubby needed me home. He negotiated with the doctor my release on the condition I could keep down a banana. While I ate the banana, I sent him to the store to get DayQuil. Long story short, I was released that day still weak, and had to drive home because Hubby had a cold.


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