Ready To Rest

Well, the tournament is over and I’m ready to rest. Unfortunately, this comes just in time for Monday. Oh the joys of the dawn of a new work week. This Friday AEP starts, so it will be a mad dash for seven weeks. I’ll be working seven days a week for the next seven weeks. At least, I’ll be busy.

I had an interesting incident occur today. A couple of things, I find passive aggressive people annoying. If you have something to say, freaking say it. That being said, however, I find a lack of reading comprehension and critical thinking to be even more aggravating. If I may be so bold as to offer a piece of advice, you should avoid me if the aforementioned items describe you.

The boys had a great game this morning. They won decisively with an 8-0 final. Fortunately, the scoring came from all lines. It was fun to watch how well they can work together. Since they won the semi-final, they were off to the finals this evening. Tonight’s game was against the Flames, who beat the boys 7-2 last night.

Tonight’s game went better, but the boys came up short. They lost 3-0. Nonetheless, it was fun to see how much the team has progressed since the first tournament. The Flames team is now, but by the end of the season our Hawks team will beat them. Moreover, they’ll beat them when it really counts. And now I’m ready to rest.

Mixed Bag

Today’s games brought a mixed bag of good and ugly. Typically, I’d say good and bad. However, tonight’s game was just plain ugly. This afternoon I thought the boys looked pretty good. Unfortunately, as good as they played this morning, they played the polar opposite tonight.

If I’m being honest, you can always tell my feelings on the game by the music I play. By the end of the game, it was all about Rammstein and Five Fingered Death Punch. So yeah, it went great. I did, however, work in a little Miley Cyrus for my bro and because why not. If they a complete gong show, why shouldn’t I join them in the party.

We have one more game tomorrow, so hopefully they play like they did last night and this morning. Let me tell you when this team is on, they’re on. They’re fun to watch and they’re having a blast playing together. To be fair, even in losing, they have fun and treat each other well. Tonight wasn’t their tonight, but tomorrow will be there day.

Hopefully, tomorrow its not a mixed bag at the rink. On the family front, it sounds like my Grandma will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. She had surgery Thursday and had hoped to be home Friday. Despite still being in the hospital, she’s doing remarkably well considering her age.

Obnoxious Hockey Parents

Obnoxious hockey parents come in all shapes and sizes, but believe it or not we’re not all crazy. Unfortunately, those that are crazy just stand out a lot more than the normal folks. Of course, their obnoxious in their own unique and special way. P.S. If you’re both a sensitive and obnoxious hockey parent, you should probably stop here. Consider that your trigger warning.

  1. The Bragger. Listen buddy, nobody and I mean nobody wants to see 50 pics of your child playing hockey on a statewide youth hockey forum. For that matter, they don’t want a recap of their performance at summer camp either.
  2. The Timer. We’ve all seen that one parent that always brings a stopwatch to the game and times everyone of their kid’s shifts. God forbid little Johnny doesn’t get enough ice time. Because this parent will hunt down the coach and demand to know why Princess only played 5.234 minutes in the game.
  3. The Suck Up. This is the parent who’s nose is so far up the coach’s ass it smell like ish. You know the one, they’re hours early for games and practices. Moreover, if the coach gives private lessons, they’ll sign up for every session to assure their kid’s ice time. (I totally forgot about this one until my hockey players pointed it out.)
  4. The Chronic Complainer. You simply cannot please this person. No matter what happens, it will be wrong. In fact, this person’s kid could win the Stanley Cup and they would complain its not gold.
  5. The Aspiring Golf/Tennis moms. First year bantam moms, I mean u-14 moms, this one is for you. Hitting is a part of the game and even a clean hit can result in injury. It’s a risked we all assumed when our kids hit the ice. If it’s too much for you, its time to sign the kid up for golf or tennis. Because frankly I don’t want to hear you screaming at the ref every time a kid gets checked
  6. The Coach. This one’s self explanatory, but I enjoy listening to hockey dads that have never skated strategize about the game. It’s amusing.
  7. The Perfectionist. This one is sad to me because this parent is always ragging on their kid no matter how good they play. For some reasons, these negative nellies have blinders when it comes to their kids’ achievements on the ice.
  8. The Anti-Ref. Similar to the coach above, the anti-ref is the parent who every game screams and yells at the ref despite not understanding the rules themselves. In some instances, they’ll even follow the refs to the ref room because their complete losers. Unfortunately, this asshole’s antics sometimes result in a bench minor for their kid’s team.
  9. The Uncommitted. When you sign your kid up to be a part of a team, you better make damn sure you’re upholding the commitment. Hockey is a team sport and a lack of commitment from a player can be a team killer.
  10. The foul-mouthed, broadcasting penalty box mom. Oh wait, that’s me.
  11. The Tailgaters. Just kidding tailgaters aren’t obnoxious. Tailgating pregame over the last decade has given me some of my best hockey memories.

I’m sure I’ve missed out on one or more of the obnoxious hockey parents archetypes, so this list could be updated. Obviously, this list is not representative of the majority of hockey parents. Most hockey parents I know are there because they love, like me, watching their children play the game they love.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I’m reading Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel.

*11 days until I’ll have all my boys in one place!

*I still can’t run because my toe. Honestly, I’m going to try running on it on tomorrow.

*We’re tracking the Tropics here in Florida. Fortunately, it looks like none of these waves will be impacting Florida.

*I made leftovers and cookies for dinner tonight.

*The word of the day is goodbye. Honestly, we are all struggling to say goodbye to Maya.

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a. I put on his harness every morning. In spite of the harness, he still managed to get a toad before I could pull him off. Fortunately, it was a small toad and he’s a big boy.

Quick Turn Around

It was a quick turn around trip for us to Wesley Chapel for the Mayor’s first two league games. We left yesterday evening as soon as I finished work at 6:00 pm. I had high hopes for a smooth drive, however the weather had other intentions. In fact, we hit some really heavy storms just north of Fort Pierce. Obviously, it is a ton of fun to drive in rain that is so heavy you cant see the road.

By the time we reached our hotel four hours later, my nerves were completely shot. While the kids chilled in the hotel, the parents headed over to the bar at the rink. Honestly, a vodka soda night cap was just what the doctor ordered. Of course, the company was also fabulous. When I made it back to the room, the Mayor had put the AC down to 60. Yet it was still fairly hot in our room.

The Mayor’s first game was at 10:00 am this morning. Fortunately, it was a quick walk across the street to the rink. I thought the boys played better than last week, but we’re still making some stupid mistakes. Bad turnovers and penalties will kill any team’s chance to win. I think we’ll beat this team next time we see then.

We got some bad calls this morning. Undoubtedly, it is frustrating. However, its more frustrating when a simple minor penalty turns into a two and ten because the player couldn’t keep their ish together. I mean, I get it impulse control is hard – especially when you’re the center of the universe. We had less of an issue with this in the second game simply because the ref had a hearing problem.

Forty minutes after their first game, they were back on the ice for game two. Fortunately, they also had to switch locker rooms, so their opponent could use it. Yeah that was a great move for both teams… Despite the brief respite, the boys came out looking much crisper in the second game. The Crunch got the scoring started with the first goal, but the Hawks (including the Mayor’s first goal of the season) scored three unanswered goals to secure the win.

So the Ref struggled in our second game. In fact, I’d argue that it is a good case study for why a four men crew is needed for these games. Eveey goal he scored, he asked me for who scored it and the assist. Also, he was calling the game by the old rules and not the new rules, which made it confusing for both teams players and coaches.

Lastly, he called a coincidental at the end of the game. He put their player in the box and told the scorekeeper our penalty. The only problem being that he forget to tell everyone, including his fellow officials who our offending player was. Eventually, he called it on 8. When he was reminded by the linesman to go get 8 and put him in the box, the ref responded he couldn’t because he didn’t know who 8 was. Meanwhile, I’m dying laughing because this was like a scene straight out of Dumb and Dumber. P.S. the ref was definitely channeling Harry Dunne. I was waiting to see if Lloyd Christmas was going to show up.

Thankfully, the drive home was a lot less eventful than last night’s drive. Albeit, it was a quick turn around for a drive that long. Oh the things we do for our children. Speaking of a quick turn around, Goalielocks’ team had two games scheduled on the 25th in Ellenton at 3:15 pm and 4:00 pm. Hopefully, this error will be corrected soon.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I’m reading Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel.

*13 days until I’ll have all my boys in one place!

*I still can’t run because my toe. Honestly, I’m going to try running on it on tomorrow.

*We’re tracking the Tropics here in Florida. Fortunately, it looks like none of these waves will be impacting Florida.

*Uber Eats delivered dinner because the long drives in quick succession sapped the life out of me.

*The word of the day is ping pong. Maya’s passing has my emotions ping ponging all over the place.

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a. I put on his harness every morning. Otherwise, I have difficulty controlling him on the leash. He’s incredible strong and can pull me off balance, which is why I’m now wearing a boot to protect my poor broken toe

Peachy Keen

Well after yesterday’s midweek slump, today was peachy keen in more ways than one. First, I finally managed to run this morning. This morning was the first time I ran since Saturday. Thankfully, my knee held up pretty well throughout the 1.5 mile run. It was a little stiff afterwards, but nothing that isn’t manageable. Nonetheless, it felt good to be back on my treadmill enjoying Curb as I ran. Honestly, it’s the best morning routine I’ve ever had.

Secondly, my day at work went reasonably well. I knew today was going to be slower given the new month and the approaching holiday. However, I was able to still manufacture a respectable sales total. Hopefully tomorrow will be full of awesome calls and plenty of sales.

While I work, I’ve started to watch YouTube to help keep my energy up. I either watch the Bonaire ref’d cam, the Deerfield beach underwater cam or the Djuma live cam. There’s something about the beautiful scenery and nature that keeps my energy positive all day long. Truly, it leaves me feeling peachy keen.

Ordinarily we’d be at hockey practice tonight, but the Mayor sprained his ankle at off ice yesterday so we stayed home. He spent the majority of his day on the couch with the ankle elevated. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I had plenty of ankle braces for him to choose from for some added support. We also broke out my knee scooter for a bit, so he could stay of the ankle completely.

Tonight I made chicken stir fry, it wasn’t great. I didn’t love the way the sauce turned out at all. At least the chicken was perfectly cooked and the rice was good. To redeem myself, I made a peach cobbler. As we speak, the yummy dessert is cooking in the oven. We’ll be pairing it with some vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. I’ll be adding the recipe to the blog tomorrow. Truly, today was peachy keen in more ways than one.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read Demons, by Dostoevsky. I am really enjoying this book so far.

*I ran 1.5 miles and walked a mile and it felt great!

* I made chicken stir fry tonight and it wasn’t that great. Albeit, the chicken tasted might fine.

*I baked a peach crisp for the first time. Typically, I make apple crisp, but I thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit.

*I played with the puppies before, during and after work. I was hoping they could lift me out of my mid week slump!

*After I finish Dostoevsky, I may go back to Shakespeare despite the fact the only part I liked in Macbeth was the witches “Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.”

*Today’s word of the day is prayer. There are so many times in the course of this last year that I witnessed the power of prayer. I could probably write for days if not months on the topic.

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a walk. Did I mention I hate gnats, flies and mosquitos?

State Tournament Time

It’s state tournament time for the Mayor and his Hawks’ squad. We journeyed to the west coast yesterday for an early evening game in Estero. Unfortunately, our first game was against our fellow Hawks teams. I never enjoy these inter organization games especially when there’s hitting involved.

Fortunately, yesterday’s game was a clean game and pretty good. Unfortunately, a Hawks team had to lose. The Mayor and his team came away from the game with a 2-0 win, but it was a hard fought game. The 07 squad came to win and their effort showed it.

Today, they’ll face a tough Flames team and Clearwater team. Hopefully, the boys will bring their A game today and perform better than my NCAA tournament bracket. More to come later!

Presidents’ Day Weekend

Presidents’ Day weekend has been synonymous with hockey tournaments for the past decade. Often, we’ve been separated by garages, cities and even country as we divided and conquered our hockey schedule. This Presidents’ Day weekend was the first time we’ve been together since our travel hockey days started.

This weekend we’ve been in Charlotte for Myhockey’s Carolina Cup. A couple quick observations. The weather completely sucks here. It’s been in the high 30s with rain every day. Its’s also strikingly brown and gloomy. Perhaps.l, we’re a bit spoiled by the perpetual sunshine and greenery in Florida. Also, the traffic is horrendous. We’re from South Florida, so we’re used to traffic nightmares. However, we didn’t anticipate that the traffic would be insane here in a Charlotte.

As I write this, we’re stuck on a tarmac weighting for clearance to take off. This is obviously one of the less glamours parts of travel hockey. We have a connecting flight in Atlanta, so here’s hoping we get to ATL with plenty of time to spare. Oh snap, we’re finally pushing back. I was beginning to think I’d have enough time to write the Grapes of Wrath as we waited for takeoff.

Goalielocks and I got upgraded to First class, which would be even more cool if the flight have beverage service. Unfortunately, it’s too short for any of that action. Thankfully, it has afforded a lot more room to relax in as we waited out the delay on the tarmac. Sadly, I think our nice layover in Atlanta just changed into a short one with this delay. We had hoped to grab a drink and dessert before the second flight. Oh well…..

Well, we’re about to take off, so this will be a two part post. More to come on our trip to Charlotte!

Game 1 is in the Books

Game 1 is in the books here in Charlotte. The Mayor scored two goals and had two assists. His line continues to gel incredible well together. The final score was 6-2 Hawks with all three offensive lines making the scoresheet. Overall, it was a solid team effort this morning.

Game 1 is in the books!

It was a fun game to watch. In fact, you can find it the videos on my Facebook. My commentary is colorful, so if you’re easily offended, you may want to skip the feed. If on the other hand, you like a good gong show, then my feed is perfect for you. I’ll be live from Pineville ice arena at 3:15 and live from Extreme Ice at 8:40.

A Different Holiday

It was a different holiday this Thanksgiving thanks to the second wave of COVID, but the virus didn’t stop us from spending quality time with the family. Thankfully, technology allows us to be together even when we’re miles apart. It was awesome to see Jake, my folks and my brother’s family on Thanksgiving.

Naturally, I would have preferred to see them all (especially Jake) in person, but this was a great substitute. Jake, by the way, looked great, which warms my heart and lessens my anxiety. Unfortunately, the younger kids don’t like to be on the Zoom. It was like pulling teeth to get the Mayor and his cousin on the call. Goalielocks was a little better, but he was still fighting it.

Obviously, we ate entirely too much and continue to do so thanks to leftovers. Fortunately, my daily uniform continues to be yoga pants, which are mighty forgiving. I was, however, able to re-start my BBG workouts after changing the my schedule and getting the blood pressure under control. It has felt good to log some serious work outs this past week.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to work while the Mayor plays in the championship game. He’s had an awesome tournament this far leading his division in points and points per game. I’m proud of how hard he works for his team on and off the ice. Unsurprisingly, his hard work is paying off. It’s a lot of fun to watch him and his team play.

Lastly, help me wish Our Sweet Anakin a very happy first birthday! For his birthday, he got a new chewy bone, some raw hides, a Christmas collar and some Christmas outfits. Naturally, I also got his sisters some goodies too. I’d hate for them to feel left out. So even though it was a different holiday, we have a lot to be thankful for including our sweet birthday boy!

Post-Tournament Recovery

Inevitably after every hockey tournament comes the post-tournament recovery period. As I get older, I have found that this period gets longer and longer. It’s a marvel at how watching one’s child play hockey can leave one utterly exhausted. Yet, here I was again this week in a prolonged post-tournament recovery period.

Perhaps it is because I didn’t sleep well while in Tampa. Or perhaps it was because I inadvertently took two of my Cytomel (T3) instead of a T3 and a T4 pill. I blame the Hilton Garden Inn and their blackout shades. Fortunately, the T3 wears off within hours, so I was mildly uncomfortable for most of Monday. I was nervous, however, that my overly active stomach wouldn’t settle down before I drove back across the state. Mercifully, it settled down before we left Tampa. Nonetheless, the medicine mess up left me feeling tired the following two days.

As for the hockey, it was incredible. My boy was on fire all weekend. I love watching him work with his teammates to find ways to score. They really came together last weekend. We ended up losing in the finals, but not before we made the Makos work for it. The Mayor’s team fought hard to come back from a 2-0 deficit. In the end, a heartbreaking goal with 34 seconds left in the third ended their championship hopes. My boy received the second star of the game but in the face of defeat that didn’t matter.

Goalielocks’ team was in action as well, but that shit show of a scrimmage will get its own post. As will the poor behavior of the other team and the officials. Unfortunately or fortunately, I was not in town to watch the game myself. I only got damage reports post-game. When I finally get around to writing that post, you’ll want popcorn. After all the game was more of a train wreck than 90 Day Fiancee.

Since I was exhausted and a bit under the weather, I took rest days on Monday and Tuesday. In reality, I just didn’t have time to workout Monday between the Mayor’s two hockey games and the three-hour commute back home. Nonetheless, I started BBG 3.0 on Wednesday. Kayla Itsines may be the devil because she killed me Wednesday and again today. I also missed two days running, so my clock for a month restarted the months 9th.

As for this weekend, we are now under a Tropical Storm watch, flood warning, etc. A system developed off our coast this afternoon. Fortunately, it will be weak as it passes over us. We will, however, have to watch the rain totals and the potential for tornados. Otherwise, it will be the perfect weekend for getting stuff done around the house.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read A Room With A View by E.M Forster

*Yin with Jennifer at Open Heart Yoga Studio

*It’s day nine of virtual school. This week has been much better.

*I ran a mile and walked a mile today.

*Tonight my husband made shepherd’s pie for dinner while I finished my run. Unsurprisingly, my persnickety children were not a fan of the dish. I, however, quite enjoyed it.

*BBG 3.0 week 1 day 3: arms, cardio and yoga

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a walk.

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