Is it Over?

Is it over? It’s just been one of those weeks that needs to end like yesterday. We finally have the volume at work, but our boss is so far up everyone’s asses it’s not cool. Of course I’m thrilled that our volume has increased. I just don’t and have never appreciated micromanagement. To be fair, I’m way more sensitive than normal due to a liquid only diet and asthma that continues to be a pain in the arse.

So after my doctor’s appointment, to which I was a bit unpunctual having parked on the wrong side, I found out a lot of the family I saw on Saturday has come down with Covid. So far I’ve tested negative. Two of the tests I used, however, were expired. I’m a bit nervous to start the steroids after having been exposed to Covid. I’m waiting to hear back from my doctor’s office as to whether or not I should wait to start taking them. There’s a reason I’m waiting and it’s because prednisone can compromise your immune system. Obviously, I don’t need that ball of fun in my life.

What daily habit do you do that improves your quality of life?

There are a couple of things I do daily that improve my quality of life. Firstly, I start everyday with my Dunkin’ coffee. Secondly, I drink water incessantly and stay well hydrated. Additionally, I have a robust exercise routine baked into my day that keeps me going. Lastly, I end my day by reading my book. I read everyday no matter what I did that night.

The Storm

The storm has pulled out of Florida. We continue to experience gusty winds and a few fast moving showers. Last I spoke with Melly, she still had power, but her AC had seized up. The AC will definitely do that during a storm. Typically, you’ll turn your AC down as low as possible, so your house stays cool as long as possible once you lose power. Right now it appears everyone came through the storm unscathed. Okay, just confirmed with Melly’s mom she’s come through the storm with no damage.

Meanwhile, I went to the doctor to address the asthma that’s been a pain in my chest. (See what I did there? I worked in a nice little boffola.) My lungs were pretty tight and the wheezing was obvious. Consequently, I’m starting back on Singulair today. She also added a daily inhaler, prednisone, and refilled my rescue inhaler. Hopefully, this will clear out my lungs, so I can hike Utah’s parks without issue. Nevertheless, I will be following up with my doctor before I head west to be sure it’s safe for me to hike. Given the remoteness of the Mighty Five, I want to be sure I’m medically cleared to hike them.

I finished out the day at work by Facebook stalking the Mayor. He’s in week two of Eels training camp and is really enjoying it. They works these kids hard, which is awesome. It’s exactly what we’re paying them for. The best part is the hard work and discipline that comes from hockey will follow the Mayor for the rest of his life. It was great to hear from Jake that he felt playing hockey prepared him well for basic training.

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?

The last thing I searched online for was if my dogs could safely eat peaches. I decided to cut up a peach for my smoothie tonight and wanted to share it with the puppies. Turns out it is safe for them to eat peaches just not in massive quantities. Arrow loved the peach. Anakin was a bit tentative, but ended up enjoying it.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here and in full swing. Currently, Hurricane Idalia is churning off our west coast. It’s supposed to go into the Big Bend area tonight or early tomorrow morning. With a kid in Ft Myers, Orlando and Tally, at least one of them is expected to be impacted, so please pray that they stay safe and dry. Unfortunately, it seems Hurricane Idalia wants to be a bit extra and turn back towards Florida’s Southeastern coast early next week. It’s still a ways out, but here’s hoping that doesn’t happen (understatement of the week right here.)

Hurricane season is far from my favorite time of year. It’s days and days of waiting for a storm that may or may not hit. Either way you have to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Our hurricane kit is well stocked and we have plenty of water. Now most of the water may be sparkling, but I do have plenty of regular water to give to the dogs. We also have plenty of canned food including the shakes I’m enjoying while on a liquid diet.

What TV shows did you watch as a kid?

I watched a lot of shows. My folks didn’t have cable, so we watched a lot of Hogan’s Heroes, Gilligan’s Island and Brady Bunch during the summers. My favorite afternoon shows were part of the Disney Afternoon lineup to include DuckTales, Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Tailspin and Dark Wing Duck. As a teen, Pinky and the Brain soon became my go to show. In fact, my Roomba mop and vacuum are named after the titular characters of that very awesome show.


Today has become an absolute circus. In fact, it’s such a circus I was starting to think it was Monday again. Athena got sick on our carpet and in our bathroom, which was not a pretty sight. The problems really started, however, while I was spinning on my lunch hour. We lost power briefly, which made adjusting resistance and speed a bit more difficult. I was flying blind. After being off for ten minutes, the power came back on. This was awesome because my workouts definitely go faster when I’m watching a show.

Unfortunately, the power didn’t stay on for long. It went off again and stayed off. Fortunately, Apple’s AirPod Pros block out sounds. Consequently, I didn’t notice immediately that the power outage triggered our smoke alarms. As soon as I took off my AirPod, I could hear the dreadfully loud sound of the smoke alarms. Goalielocks brought in the Hubby’s ladder, so we could try to shut off the smoke alarms. At this point, I still had my AirPods in because it blocked most of the sound. The puppies, meanwhile, stayed in our room where the smoke detectors were silent.

I was able to stop the screaming smoke detectors by taking out the batter. A very high-tech power move, I know. Goalielocks removed one from the upstairs smoke alarm and the blaring stopped. Thank god! The sound is enough to drive anyone and everyone crazy. Unfortunately, the power didn’t come right back on. In fact, it wasn’t on when I needed to return to work, which was a bummer. More than that the outage seems to have fried my docking station and at least one of my monitors. So now the circus has become IT bell and I can’t work.

On top of all this, I’ve contracted whatever disease my hubby came down with this weekend. And by disease, I do mean a cold (aka man flu.). Unfortunately, as a mom, I don’t get time off for being ill or tired. No society expects mothers to keep going no matter how they feel, which to be honest is absolute bullshit. This is something I can’t reconcile. It’s something that needs to change. To be honest, it’s not something I witnessed growing up. My parents shared responsibilities and if one was sick, the other stepped up.

For the most part, when a man gets a cold, the world stops. It reminds me of when I was pregnant with the Mapgr and hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidarum. My electrolytes were so low from being unable to drink or eat that they keep me inpatient for two nights. It would have been three, but hubby needed me home. He negotiated with the doctor my release on the condition I could keep down a banana. While I ate the banana, I sent him to the store to get DayQuil. Long story short, I was released that day still weak, and had to drive home because Hubby had a cold.

Night One

So how did night one of reclaiming my sleep go? It went okay. I definitely had less trouble falling asleep than on previous nights. Last night, however, was not the perfect gauge as my lower back and sciatic nerve weren’t playing nice. I don’t think my lower back enjoyed all the work it was given during my yoga practice. It was a relatively rigorous practice for a Hatha class that featured a difficult series of transitions from standing, to warrior one, to warrior three, to revolved half-moon pose and back again. I think the movement may have irritated my sciatic nerve and the muscles around it. Fortunately, some meds and salonpas patches put paid to the pain at least temporarily. Hopefully, I will sleep well tonight because if there’s one thing that brings me joy it is a good night’s sleep.

Nonetheless, I’m going to continue blogging during the day for the foreseeable future. One it’s a much better use of my time. One can only read the internet so many times during a slow work day. Secondly, it frees up my time in the evening. Since it’s OEP (open enrollment period for Medicare folks), we’re back to working 10-11 hour days. Consequently, it is a bit more difficult to fit in all the commitments I have made for 2023. This, of course, includes daily running, yoga, blogging, reading, and regular strength workouts done through the Sweat App. Moreover, I’m doing the 21-day yoga challenge through Everyday yoga, which features a pre-selected class of varying lengths. Normally, I would choose a practice length that best suits my day.

Today’s yoga class is another Hatha practice, but it looks to be more gentle than yesterday’s practice. Gentle is exactly what my body needs today. Thankfully, today’s practice also focuses on opening the hamstrings, which will be super beneficial. My hamstrings are ridiculously tight whether I stretch, work out, or do nothing. In fact, I need to work on my hamstrings daily to keep them healthy. Otherwise, they’re a complete mess. One of my favorite ways to stretch them out is the legs up-the-wall pose, which also happens to be super relaxing.

I guess it’s going to get a bit cooler tomorrow evening, which will be nice. It won’t be cold enough for sleet or snow, but it will be fantastic sleeping weather. And we all know how I love good sleeping weather. Speaking of weather, I’m now stalking Chicago’s weather as the Mayor and I head there next week for hockey. I really hope it’s not too cold. While I do enjoy a depauperate winter wonderland as much as the next person, I don’t like driving in snow. Moreover, I hate driving in Chicago during snowfall. At least back some in Minny, a respectable effort is made to quickly clear the interstate. In Chicago, there is no such effort. It really sucks driving on 90 during a snowstorm.

Today’s accountability tracker:

Winding Down the Weekend

We’re winding down the weekend with a nice quiet Sunday evening. Fortunately, Comedy Central is running a marathon of The Office tonight, which is the perfect way to relax. I mean, who doesn’t love the antics of Michael Scott and his epic movie Threat Level Midnight. While we watched The Office, Arrow went to the groomer for a bath and haircut. The groomer loves Arrow. Tonight he even picked out his own bow tie.

While the Mayor and I picked up Arrow from the groomer, the hubby started dinner. Tonight’s dinner was steakhouse pork chops with roasted potatoes and broccoli courtesy of HelloFresh. Truly, I enjoy trying new recipes and foods through HelloFresh and Blue Apron. It’s a great way to try new foods without much risk. Moreover, the cost of food through HelloFresh has been cheaper than the prices at the grocery store.

Friday night we had a late high school hockey game. Yesterday we went to Luke’s goddaughter’s birthday party. It was a bit of a last-minute deal, but it was a great time. They catered the party with Park BBQ, which was really good. My friend Hanh makes the most incredible cakes. To be honest, I’m not sure why she doesn’t make cakes full-time. Her cakes are better than any cake you’d find in a bakery. She’s so talented!

I had a blast playing with Ava and her mermaid. We ran around the house for a good hour or two, while everyone else watch the Panthers game or played cards. Fortunately, I was able to distract her long enough that mom could grab a shower. Three is such a fun age, but when you’re the parent of a three-year-old it can be exhausting. Being an aunt, however, is so much fun.

We ended up staying out much later than anticipated. I mean two late days in a row knocks me off my ass. To be fair, I define late at this stage of my life as 10:30. Nonetheless, I’m not great when I deviate from my routine. I think the late nights combined with the weather resulted in the massive sinus headache I’ve had since yesterday. I took some prednisone this afternoon, so hopefully, my sinuses will open up. Originally, I had planned to run two miles today, but the headache sidelined those plans. Consequently, I’m taking an extended break from my running.

Despite the sinus headache, I still managed to have a petty productive morning. I got the pantry and countertops cleaned off this afternoon. The kitchen, less the top of the island, is looking pretty good. My Christmas decorations have been put out. I love my Juleniss, or as we call them here Christmas gnomes. They’re super cute. I still have to decorate the tree and hang the God Jul sign, but I have plenty of time to finish those tasks. And now I’m going to finish winding down the weekend with a nice, steamy shower and a soothing restorative yoga practice. Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish friends!

Here Comes Nicole

Well, here comes Nicole a friendly late-season tropical system. By the time it gets here, it’s supposed to become at least a category one hurricane. Hopefully, we don’t see any strengthening beyond that although the waters off the coast are still quite warm. Right now it’s near March Harbor in the northwestern Bahamas. By the looks of it, the storm is due east of us right now.

Over the last twenty-four hours, the weather has started to deteriorate gradually. We’ve had wind and fast-moving rain storms since last evening. Speaking of fast, I got stuck in rain this morning taking the dogs out for their walks. By the time, I finished my walk around the circle, the rain was already gone. Thank God for the quick-moving rain. I already have a head cold, I don’t need to exacerbate it by getting stuck in a cold rain.

We’re not putting up our shutters since it’s not expected to be a strong storm. Luke took all the avocados off the tree last night as the fruit becomes missiles during these storms. I tried to remove some yesterday, but I could only reach four. The remainder of the avocados were up at the top of the tree. I wasn’t brave enough to get up on a ladder with the wind already moving at a quick clip. Fortunately, my husband is much braver than me. This morning we’ll bring the patio furniture and grill inside.

We usually have quite a lead-up to these storms. This hasn’t been the case with this storm. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t on my phone Saturday and Sunday that I was late to the table for this one. When I opened the local news site Monday morning, I was caught off guard by the here comes Nicole headlines. Fortunately, we have fully stocked our hurricane kit and are ready to go. We have more than enough water and supplies to weather the storm.

Waiting for Hurricane Ian

Like most folks in Florida, we’re waiting for Hurricane Ian. For the uninitiated, waiting is one of the worst parts of an impending storm. By the time the storm finally gets there, it’s jumped the shark. You’re over it. This can be a bit dangerous as it lends itself to complacency. Unfortunately, you can’t afford to be complacent with a Hurricane in the area. Most importantly, even without a direct hit, we’ll still see tremendous amounts of rain, wind, and potential tornadoes.

With these storms, you have to be prepared for everything. The track shows it going into Tampa, but the storms often deviate from these tracks in crazy ways. For example, Hurricane Andrew was expected to make landfall in Palm Beach County as a category one storm. As we all know, it went into southern Miami Dade County (Homestead) as a catastrophic category five storm. While there have been a lot of improvements in forecasting the tracks, it’s still not a perfect science.

While waiting for Hurricane Ian, I’ve been preparing for the worst while hoping for the best. Our Hurricane kit is fully stocked including a robust supply of water. Tonight I’ll pick up all of my prescriptions, so I don’t run out during our immediately after the storm. Filling my prescriptions was a significant issue for me after Hurricane Wilma, an issue I’m not willing to repeat. To be fair, Hurricane Wilma bit a mere four months after we moved to Florida. We learned a lot from that storm. As the storm approaches, I’ll make sure to keep everyone updated.

Here’s a list of key things you’ll want to have in your Hurricane/bad weather Kit:


Whoops, so apparently playlist is today’s prompt for bloganuary. I was a day early for the prompt. Oh well, music was in my mind yesterday, so the prompt worked well. Tomorrow, I’ll rejoin the challenge with the right prompt in the right day. Speaking of playlists, I added some Oasis to my 90s playlist today. Wonderwall was the perfect song to cool down to and finish my workout.

It’s Friday, but this week it doesn’t mean the end of the work week for me. I’ll be working tomorrow albeit not a full day. Two more days to finish the month strong, so hopefully tomorrow is a good day. Saturdays can be hit and miss. I do like that Saturday don’t start until 10:00, so I have a lot of fine do get stuff down before work starts.

Meanwhile, we are expecting some seriously cold temperatures, by South Florida standards, this weekend. In fact, we could see low temperatures in the 30s, which is crazy. Nevertheless, we probably still won’t turn the heat on. We’ve used it so infrequently that it smells terrible when you first turn it on. Honestly, we’ve probably used it twice in the sixteen years that we’ve lived here. Thankfully, we have plenty of blankets and hoodies to keep us warm.

This week I got back on track with my BBG workouts and running. I just finished the third strength training workout and have two more runs on the week. Next week I’ll start BBG 2.0. This is the second time I’ve finished BBG 1.0. Albeit it was structured differently this time, which was nice. Today’s run absolutely kicked my butt. Hopefully, it will be easier next week. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll rectify my whoops by posting the right prompt for the day.

Lastly, one of the members of our hockey family needs our help. Coach F, who. Goalielocks has played for, is a wonderful hockey dad and coach. Unfortunately, they just lost their home to a fire. Please consider donating to this wonderful family and help them rebuild their home. You can donate here.

Almost Over

The weekend is almost over and so is our summer. Tomorrow marks the official start of the Mayor’s hockey season, so there will be no more down time. At least no down time until next March. In preparation for the craziness, my Sunday was quite lazy. I’m still dealing with the cold, so I spent the day literally doing nothing. Truly, it was as amazing as it sounds.

Actually to be fully transparent, I did make some carrot ginger soup. Since my cold started, eating meals has been a challenged. However, small bowl of soup have been going down okay. I bought some Rao’s minestrone, which is super yummy. But I was craving some carrot ginger soup, so I decided to make my own. It’s a super easy and vegan (if you want it to be) recipe with just a few ingredients. I’ll share the recipe here later.

I have been ordering from Butcher Box for awhile now. Their prices are good and the convenience is undeniable. This month I opted for the big box with some nice add-ons. The box was supposed to arrive Friday, but it arrived today in terrible condition. The box was destroyed and all of the meat had defrosted and smelled terribly. Talk about a buzz kill. Now we’ll have to wait for the replacement box to get here. So aggravating!

While the weekend is almost over, I still love Sundays the best. Sunday, of course, is the day we talk to Jake every week. Thank god for technology and the ability to FaceTime our loved ones. He looked and sounded great, which always puts this mama’s mind at ease. I’m so proud of my boy! Unfortunately, he’s still in a rental car as the body shop is still waiting for parts. Hopefully, he’ll get his car back this week.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I’m reading Far From the Madding Crowdby Thomas Hardy last night. This is quite the departure from the world of Queen Asa.

*I’m still under the weather. Consequently, I took another rest day today.  Unfortunately, there will be no rollicking or running until I’m better.

*We’re tracking the Tropics here in Florida. Tropical Storm Fred Tropical is back and sliding away from us. Now we’ll focus on TS Grace, which looks to be following south of Fred’s path.

*The hubby picked up Dunkin’ this morning, which was awesome sauce.

*For dinner, the Hubby and the Mayor chicken, black beans and rice. This week I’m strictly limiting my carb intake as part of the 5:2 Plan, so it was mostly chicken for me.

*My favorite surprise on the underwater cams, I watch during work, is seeing an octopus. Today I watched the safari cam, which never disappoints.

*Today’s word of the day is damp, which is exactly how our weather has been this weekend.

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a walk. Today he didn’t pull my arm off or anything like that. I put on his harness