It’s here!

It’s here! We have a new fridge. I gotta admit I’m pretty excited about the newest appliance in our life. In fact, dare I say I was a bit verklempt as the installers finished their work? Truly this would be no exaggeration of how I felt as I looked at my new fridge. First of all, it’s shiny and new and looks great. You should have seen the scratched up exterior of the old one. It looked horrible. Secondly, I no longer have to traipse between the garage and the kitchen when cooking. Lastly, did I mention that it looks awesome? I mean, it really looks much better than the old fridge.

The Before Pic

I was pleasantly surprised that the installers came early in the delivery window. They were pleasant, professional, and quick. Honestly, they had a new fridge in, hooked up, ready to go, and the old fridge out of the house in less than 20 minutes. They were awesome! Moreover, the timing couldn’t have been better. Since it takes a fridge for about three hours to get to the proper temperature, the fridge would be ready to go when my groceries were delivered after 12:00 pm. The boys love the new fridge since it easily accommodates five gallons of milk and their lemonades Fortunately, the new fridge provides much better usage of the space and will hold a lot more. In fact, it has enough freezer space, so we can finally defrost and clean our deep freezer.

Anyway, I had hoped to spend the Christmas season in Norway. It’s really how I envisioned celebrating my 40th birthday. While my birthday was in March, I’d really like to experience the winter holidays and Aurora Borealis in Scandinavia. Unfortunately, the pandemic has been the great destroyer of plans and travels dreams. Ultimately, it will work out better since this Christmas will be able to spend it with Jake. Nonetheless, my dream of a Scandinavian Christmas will live on and planning will commence once the world reopens.

Since I couldn’t get to Scandinavia this Christmas, I’ve decorated the house in Scandinavian fashion. Albeit, the decorating has not yet been completed. I’m waiting on Amazon to deliver some additional decorations to complete the look. Hopefully, they’ll arrive before Christmas. Needless to say, Christmas nisse will look a bit out of place come January. I found some great items on Amazon to compliment the ornaments and decorations I bought on my travels, so I’m pretty excited.

Truthfully, there is nothing I am more excited about than having Jake home for Christmas. It’s really the only present I wished for this year. The countdown clock is winding down and the anticipation is killing me. These last few days are going to take a century. I can feel it! It’s amazing how fast time has flown. It’s already been more than a year since he left for Basic. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read The Idiot, by Fyodor Dosytoevsky

*It’s day 5 of BBG 3.0 week 6, which means it is ab day

*I’m so excited!!!! I’m counting down the days until my oldest boy comes home for Christmas! His arrival is getting closer!!!!!

*I actually know that today is Friday and I’m pretty excited about it. It’s here and I’m pretty damn excited about it!

*It’s here! I took delivery of my new shiny fridge! I’m so happy it’s here!

*Today I ran a mile and walked a mile. It went well today.

*Today’s word of the day is procrastinate. I continue to procrastinate in completing my life insurance exam.

*I love the footprints the puppies leave on the patio when coming back in every morning. I’m a bit sick of them tracking in the mud on the freshly vacuumed white tiles. It has been so humid here in the mornings that they’re getting a bit muddy in the backyard.

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a walk. Today Anakin is wearing his Christmas bow tie. He looks mighty dapper if I say so myself. Naturally, I bought all three dogs Christmas outfits. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you. You’ll love them.

Today’s song of the day is Cleopatra, by The Lumineers

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I’m So Excited

I’m so excited! In just a few days, my boy will be home for the holidays! It’s been over a year since he’s been home. Can you believe it? Truly, we can’t wait to see how the dogs respond to seeing him again after all this time. I think they’re going to lose their minds! Anakin, of course, will be meeting him for the first time. Before he meets him, we’ll give Athena and Maya time to hang out with Jake without the interference of their little brother.

Speaking of I’m so excited. Is it just me or does that phrase immediately conjure pictures of the Saved By the Bell episode where Jesse Spano overdoes it on caffeine pills? I’m pretty sure if you were born in the 80s like I was, you know exactly what I’m talking about. What I need to see and have not yet watched is the Saved By the Bell reboot. My brothers and I used to watch Saved by the Bell every Saturday morning usually at my Grandma’s house. Has anyone in the blogosphere watched it? Is it any good?

Anyway, I digress. Here at the homestead, preparations are underway for Jake’s return. We’ve got to set up his old-old room for him since Goalielocks took over his room. This has been a bit of an undertaking since Goalielocks’ cleaning style involves throwing everything in that presently unused room. Yeah, he cleaned the upstairs a couple of weeks ago and it looked pretty good. At least, it looked pretty good until I went looking for my medicine ball in his old bedroom.

Yesterday, the Mayor had one game up at Skatezone. They won 4-0 and he had a great game. Unfortunately, he took an elbow to the head that sent his head into the boards at the end of the game. Since I was working the box, I was able to clearly see it from my vantage point. Consequently, once we got home from the game he began to complain about a headache. Thankfully, he passed the concussion protocol and had no other symptoms apart from the headache. Out of an abundance of caution, we’re going to keep him home from practice tonight. He, however, is not supportive of our cautious approach. Too bad!

Also, I finally made it to the eye doctor after putting it off for years. I know, I know, it’s horrible. Thankfully, the appointment was quick and painless. Fortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any signs of thyroid eye disease in my eyes. Thyroid eye disease, TED, is often a hallmark symptom of Graves diseases. I’m fortunate, however, that my eyes have not been impacted either before RAI or after RAI. Lastly, I treated myself to my first new pair of glasses in like a decade. I’ll post a picture as soon as they come in.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read The Idiot, by Fyodor Dosytoevsky

*It’s day 1 of BBG 3.0 week 5, which means it leg day!

*I’m so excited!!!! I’m counting down the days until my oldest boy comes home for Christmas!

*Today I ran a mile and walked a mile. It went far better than my run on Friday. Thank god!

*Today’s word of the day is astound. My children’s ability to “clean” astounds me. Perhaps it’s my fault for trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

*I love the footprints the puppies leave on the patio when coming back in every morning. Today’s footprints may have included some ashes since they knocked over the grill. There are, however, no kitties in this house.

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a walk. Today Anakin is wearing his Christmas bow tie. He looks mighty dapper if I say so myself. Naturally, I bought all three dogs Christmas outfits. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you. You’ll love them!

Today’s song is Whiskey in the Jar, by Metallica.

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They say the path to happiness is low expectations, but I’m not quite sure that’s true. See I have nothing, but the lowest expectations for the new virtual school year. As the saying goes, I should be happy due to my lack of expectations. However, here I am lamenting the fact that my low expectations may start coming to fruition. Day one and two went pretty well in our house. Today I’m not overly confident that my middle child was awake for his first two periods. Yes, he was logged in to the classroom at the appropriate time, but he was on his phone laying in bed with the camera off. Oh yes, I saw a glimmer of my low expectations (aka worst nightmare) for the new year this morning.

Fortunately, I received no calls or emails from the school indicating he was absent, tardy, or otherwise disengaged. This evening, however, I did get two calls and emails from the school regarding code of conduct violations and using the google classroom app when using a cellphone to attend class. The phone calls I received were sent out to everyone. Consequently, I’m hoping this means that he was participating despite laying in bed. By the time the second period was over, he was at his computer desk doing his work. Thankfully, he did this on his own volition.

While the boys did their school work, I kicked ass adulting. I went to work, completed my workouts, and logged volunteer hours. This afternoon, I sent out my first Loom video (you can check it out below) to my Purple Stride team captains. Loom is an awesome tool for connecting with people during this time. As for my workout, Kayla Itsines kicked my butt in today’s workout with far too many burpees. I have said it before and I say it again, lay down burpees should be illegal. Unbelievably, I will be finishing my second round of BBG. That’s twenty-four weeks of incredible workouts. I’ve never been stronger.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read Mary Barton, by Elisabeth Gaskell. It’s really getting good now! We have a murder mystery on our hands.

*Yin with Kaye at Open Heart Yoga Studio

*I’m trying to level set my expectations for the new school year somewhere between a total gong show and perfection.

*I ran one mile and walked a mile today. Naturally, I listened to Metallica and watched Curb throughout my run. I have to say, emphatically in fact, that I love Metallica’s S&M 2 album.

*I survived day 3 of virtual school. I am keeping my eye on the prize aka the weekend.

*Goalielocks and the Mayor had hockey practice tonight.

*BBG 2.0. week 12 day 3: arms, cardio and yoga

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a walk.

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Day 2

Day 2 of virtual school brought a little of the attitude I had anticipated yesterday. I never imagined that waking up a teenager, who just went to bed, could be so much fun! In the end, it turned out okay. Both boys were up, at their desks, and online exactly when they were supposed to be online. That’s right I’m batting 1.00 right now.

As for me, I had yoga teacher training today. We covered the endocrine system, which is probably my strongest subject in anatomy and physiology. After all, there’s no better way to understand the endocrine system than having one that doesn’t work. We have little bit of anatomy left before we head into methodology. I’m excited for the methodology part of training, which we will start on Friday.

I also ran two miles since I had no strength training scheduled today. Since I started the running challenge, I’ve noticed it’s gotten a lot easier. However, I also noticed that my legs are getting a bit tired. Of course, I worked my legs yesterday, so that doesn’t help either.

Tonight my hubby made us a wonderful pork chop dinner courtesy of HelloFresh. It was mighty tasty especially since I didn’t make. I really appreciated that he cooked dinner, so I didn’t have to cut my workout short. Afterward, I mixed up some brownies for the boys since the last two days have been relatively smooth.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read Mary Barton, by Elisabeth Gaskell. The Masters have been draconian in their response to their laborers setting up a horrific conflict. I’ve just gotten to the point where it’s all coming to a head. I’m well on my way to being omnilegent!

*Vinyasa with Jennifer at Open Heart Yoga Studio

*I ran two miles and walked a mile today. Naturally, I listened to Metallica and watched Curb throughout my run.

*I survived day 2 of virtual school.

*I had another pile of Amazon boxes waiting for me today.

*Goalielocks had hockey practice tonight.

*I’d like to thank Sue from JibberJanner for providing great writing prompts. Tonight they come to an end, but I’m grateful for all her hard work these past several months.

*BBG 2.0. week 12 day 2: cardio and yoga

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a walk.

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First Day of School 2020

I’m ecstatic to report that the first day of school 2020 went fantabulously well! That’s right; today exceeded my expectations in every way. The beginning of the day got off to a great start. The Mayor was at his desk ready to work when I woke up. My biggest fear for today was trying to wake up Goalielocks, but he was out of bed and ready to go very quickly. I almost fell over due to this pleasant surprise. Naturally, I was completely relieved.

Of course, getting up early sucks for me too. I’ve been keeping summer hours since March. So up until this week, I’ve been sleeping in until 7:30-7:45. Now I’m up before 7:00 am to make sure my two star pupils are ready for the first bell at 7:30 am. Thankfully, I went to bed early last night to help me adjust to an earlier wake-up. One of my goals is to ensure I get over seven hours of sleep every night. Fortunately, the earlier start to my morning meant less of a wait at my Dunkin’.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the day was that both boys were in a good mood. I think being back in school brings back structure and socialization that they’ve missed. While they’re attending school virtually, there is still ample opportunity for socialization in their classes. Meanwhile, I was able to go about my day without interruption. I won today!

Lastly, I bring you an urgent prayer request. These past six months have been difficult for everyone, but life has a way of reminding you that you’re fortunate. Deb was one of the first people we met when we first started hockey over a decade ago. She was a mainstay at the rink. I’m not sure she ever left. Her daughter Lia was actually on Goalielocks’ first rec hockey team. They were the Lightning and they won the championship. Lia is a figure skater but wanted to try playing hockey like her brothers.

A few years later, Deb’s son sustained a head injury during a junior game. Unfortunately, the doctors discovered that he had a malignant tumor. We were all devastated by the news. The hockey community was devastated. Thankfully, he underwent treatment that eradicated the disease. Sadly, the disease came back within the last year. After consultation with several doctors earlier this month, the doctors determined they had done everything they could. Consequently, doctors have placed her son Austin into hospice care. Please pray for Austin’s healing and peace, for Deb, their family, and friends as they navigate this difficult time.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read Mary Barton, by Elisabeth Gaskell. It is starting to get good!

*Gentle Flow with Jennifer at Open Heart Yoga Studio

*I ran one mile and walked a mile today. Naturally, I listened to Metallica and watched Curb throughout my run.

*I had another pile of Amazon boxes waiting for me today.

*The Mayor has hockey a two hour hockey practice tonight.

*BBG 2.0. week 12 day 1: legs, cardio and yoga

*Today is the first day of school 2020. Since it’s virtual, I didn’t need to go out an buy the 2020 version of the Members Only jacket.

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a walk.

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Left on the Mountain

Yep, you read that right I was left on the mountain. It all happened at the Farmington Creek Trail just south of Layton. I picked this trail for our Thursday hike because it features: a car cemetery, two waterfalls (including the one you could rappel down to), and a moderate degree of difficulty. Admittedly, I am not fast on my ascent up the trails. Due to the Graves disease, I’m mindful of my maintaining my heart rate and regulating my body temperature. This, of course, is not always easy when hiking. Consequently, my ascent was slow, measured, and littered with water breaks.

On the flip side, the hike for my boys was quite easy. Goalielocks soon pulled away from both the Mayor and me as he ran up the trail. I was jealous at the ease with which he tackled the mountain. In protest, the Mayor sped ahead on his own. Fortunately, when the Mayor got to the first waterfall, he waited for me. On the other hand, I couldn’t find Goalielocks. The challenge became the fork in the trail. Unfortunately, the park service hadn’t clearly marked the trail. Fortuantely, we were able to ask local hikes which way to go. Meanwhile, we had no idea which way Goalielocks had gone at the fork.

I decided to follow the trail to the second waterfall hoping we’d find Goalielocks on the trail. Undeniably, I was nervous that nobody had seen him. At this point, we were so deep into the canyon that we didn’t have cell service. As we continued the trail, the Mayor again took off down the path. Meanwhile, I vacillated between anger, frustration, and awe. As I rounded the bend, I saw a vintage car overtaken by the forest with bullet holes all over. It was quite picturesque. At this point, the Mayor came back to me expressed his discontent with the hike, and headed back to the car.

Now they really annoyed me. Yet, I was determined to see the waterfall. I continued down the path looking for the ropes that would take me down to the base of the waterfall. As I searched the area, I finally got a call from Goalielocks who was at the car waiting. Eventually, I found the ropes that could take me down to the waterfall. However, with unreliable cellphone service and nobody near me, I wasn’t willing to risk a fall or injury by rappelling down to the waterfall. Consequently, I started making my way back to the car where both boys were impatiently waiting for me.

Since I knew they were safe at the car, I was in no hurry to finish my hike. The canyon and trail provided beautiful vista after beautiful vista that I wanted to take it all in. Also, the ascent wore me out as it was a vigorous hike. When I made it back to the first waterfall, I took a seat on a large boulder near the side of the stream and relaxed for a bit. In this spot, the mountain stream and shade cooled the air. It was a magical spot to rest and recover before tackling the sunny part of the descent to the car.

While I was sitting at the waterfall, the Mayor made his way back up the trail in search of water. I had brought my backpack, filled with water bottles and oranges to keep us nourished throughout and after the hike. However, since I was the only one willing to carry it, all of the supplies were with me. Consequently, when he got thirsty he had no choice, but to seek me out. Naturally, he received quite a tongue lashing from me once we met again on the mountain. Soon after we met up with Goalielocks, who had come up the trail looking for me out of concern it was taking too long. Of course, I had been almost four miles deep into the trail, so it wasn’t going to be a quick return.

Goalielocks took a left at the first waterfall, which took him on a significantly shorter trail. Eventually, both of the trails meet up near the second waterfall. However, his trail was overgrown as it approached the waterfall trail. Goalielocks headed back the way he came since he wasn’t sure where the trail led. The hillside where he hiked was filled with vintage cars, known as the car cemetery. On our descent, I learned that he had told his brother where he was going. Unfortunately, the Mayor neglected to tell me this. I was super annoyed with the Mayor at this point. I want to rappel down to the waterfall and I couldn’t because I was alone. Naturally, we spoke at length, on our way back to the Airbnb, about the importance of staying together during hikes.

Despite all the drama on the mountain, this was definitely one of my favorite hikes. The trail affords incredible views of the Great Salt Lake, the valley, the mountains and the canyon. Everywhere you looked, it was absolutely beautiful. Moreover, it was an incredibly peaceful hike as the trail was not crowded. I look forward to hiking this trail again with Jake and my hubby. Hopefully, we’ll get to see some fall colors on the hike and even have the chance to rappel down to the waterfall.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath. This is an interesting book.

*Gentle Flow with Jennifer at Open Heart Yoga Studio

*I went for a mile run. Yesterday, I ran two miles.

*BBG 2.0. week 10 day 5: Abs, cardio and yoga

*It’s tough to be a parent, especially in this environment. I am lamenting the start of a new virtual school year.

*We have two more weeks until we start virtual school.

*This morning we were in cone of uncertainty for TS Laura.

*Goalielocks has his first official practice this evening. The new season has started. Party on!

*This week I have run seven miles so far!

*Today I ordered my first Butcher Box.

*For dinner, we are cooking a HelloFresh meal. I can’t wait to taste it! We are loving HelloFresh.

*I was left on the mountain. I had no trouble surviving the ordeal!

*Recently, I’ve been collecting checks for our team fund.

*I learned a new word today soupcon. This word means a small amount.

*I took my puppies including sweet Anakin for a walk.

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Another Day, Another Adventure

Another day, another adventure. Such has been our trip here in Utah. I love it here. Every day we spend time exploring the surrounding national forests, canyons, and mountains. Each trail gives us a special gift. Whether its a realization about life, a pretty view, or shared memories. Regardless of the adventure, everyone has taught me something or given me something in return. For example, our first hike here taught me that you should save the hard hikes for after your body acclimates to the altitude. Meanwhile, the hike to Donut Falls showed me the beauty and vastness of God’s creation.

Yesterday was no exception. We got a late start to the morning, which was fine because the temperatures have cooled down a bit since the 100s over the weekend. Also I knew the trial we were headed to had a lot of shaded areas. Lastly, we all needed to get some rest as Tuesday was a very busy day. My day started with an early trip into Salt Lake City to drop Melody at the airport. Fortunately, the drive was super easy and I got another hour of sleep once back to our AirBnB. Yesterday’s adventures included the Green Pond Trail near Snow Basin and the Hill Aerospace Museum. Both of these stops on our adventure tour were well worth the time and effort.

The Green Pond Trail is an easy to moderate trail near at the base of Mount Ogden. You do gain about 400 ft in altitude throughout the path, but it is a gradual ascent. The trail itself starts at an elevation near 6,000 feet. Honestly, this probably would have been the best trail for our first hike. Indeed, it is an excellent trail for mountain biking and for kids just starting to hike. Throughout the trek, the meadows and forest surround you. You can see the mountains through the canopy of the trees throughout, which makes for a beautiful vista. Overall, the hike took about an hour and burned nearly 600 calories.

Afterward we headed to the Hug-Hes Cafe in north Ogden. Since we’ve been here, I’ve been trying to take them to local spots. This one reminded me of Perkins as it had a bakery and a simliar lunch and dinner menu. Overall, the food was very tasty and inexpensive. This restaurant is also famous for its giant sugar cookies, so naturally I picked up three for the boys. Post lunch, we headed to Target to pick up some more snacks and a lot of water. We’ve already gone through more than 40 bottles of water throughout our hikes. Thankfully, they recycle here. I wish they had refill stations at or near the hikes as that would be much more efficient.

Once we had our supplies in hand, we headed to the Hill Aerospace Museum. It was awesome! We got there later in the day, so we didn’t have enough time to take in all of the exhibits. Consequently, I’m hoping to go back there today or tomorrow. Also the fighter wing was closed and the boys really want to peruse that exhibit. One thing that I loved about the museum is that it is staffed by retirees, who served in the Air Force and really have a passion for the history of aviation. Naturally, we also stopped in to the gift shop where I bought a rosewood model B-24 that will be displayed in our family room. They did have some wonderful sketches of the planes, but none featuring the B-24 on which my grandfather was a flight engineer.

As for our evening, we went back to the dealership to finish up the paperwork for Jake’s new car. That took way longer than it needed to, but this is always the case. For dinner, we headed back to In-N-Out burger so Jake could try it at last. After enjoying their burgers two nights in a row, we have all decided they need to come to Florida. Their burgers are phenomenal! We spent the rest of the night chilling at the AirBnB and were all in bed early. Today promises to bring more great adventures in the great outdoors.

Places we visited yesterday:

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read North & South by Elisabeth Gaskells.

*We are going back to visit the Hill Aerospace Museum.

*Another day, another adventure is in the cards.

*We are off to hike more magical places.

*There are some homeless folks here, but they seem to have shelters and programs in place for them. You see very little panhandling here.

*We’ll be grabbing dinner with Jake.

*The Mayor continues to be this trips Jester.

*Today my hubby sent me the best picture of my sweet Anakin.

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Seven Glorious Days

Only seven glorious days until I get to see my oldest son! Fortunately, I have a great weekend planned in the Keys to help these last seven days pass by. It’s been a hot minute since we’ve been to the keys, so we’re all quite excited. Additionally, it’s the first time we’ve taken a trip since March. In fact, this trip is our rescheduled spring break trip. Honestly, the next two weeks are going to be a lot of fun!

Since I’m going to be out of pocket early next week, I pounded the pavement today for work. When I get back, I should have several meetings set to go and presentations ready for delivery. Naturally, I’ll be checking in while I’m away. As I’m new to the role, I don’t want to abdicate my responsibilities at all. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean I’ll spend the entire time running smoothly. Today I spent time setting up my outreach campaign, which will run without any intervention from me. Unfortunately, this also meant I had to skip my yoga class today. Thankfully, I’m going to go take the class as soon as I finish this blog.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read The Song of the Lark, by Willa Cather

*Gentle Flow with Jennifer from Open Heart Yoga Studio

*I completed a morning and afternoon meditation.

*I completed my work project this morning, so there will be no need for manual intervention from me needed next week.

*Obedience training Anakin

*I learned a new word today. Smicker, which means to ogle and smile amorously.

*Week 9 BBG 2.0 day 5 abs and yoga.

*Countdown: Seven glorious days

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Does Anyone Know What Day It Is?

Does anyone know what day it is? Like seriously, for a millisecond or maybe more, I was convinced that it was Tuesday. In fact, it almost made its way into the blog as the title. Clearly, there are advantages to working at home and never having to leave. However, it has a Ground Hogs’ Day sort of feeling that leaves you wondering what day it is. Honestly, if it wasn’t for my different yoga classes, I don’t think I’d be able to determine the day of the week truly.

Regardless of my difficulty determining the day of the week, I crushed the day professionally. I had two very productive sales meetings with clients. Moreover, I sent out three presentations for clients to review. Today was awesome! When I initially took the position, one of the main draws with the flexibility of the position. However, I have found, over the course of the last few weeks, that meeting and connecting with interesting and successful people is the best part of the job. In fact, I can see how much I am going to learn in this position through my professional interactions. It’s truly exciting.

As for my fitness goals, I wrote a bit about my shoulder being off last night. Unfortunately, it continues to be a bit unstable and a bit painful. Originally, I planned to do the BBG arm workout today. However, when I saw the exercises, I realized I needed to skip it today. Sadly, I think copious amounts of burpees and other plyometrics are not what my shoulder needs right now. Fortunately, I was able to go to my yoga class and that was fantastic. I modified poses where I needed to for my foot and shoulder, but overall I felt pretty good in class. In truth, I am so grateful that my new job allows me the flexibility to take a yoga break whenever I want.

My yoga studio, Open Heart Yoga Studio, has been a sanctuary for me since I started in late October of 2019. When I first restarted my practice, my entire body was tight. In fact, my shoulders were nearly frozen and were a significant source of pain. I started slowly with the gentle classes at least five times a week. Eventually, I was taking classes six days a week and increasing my intensity. This studio, its owner Jennifer and all her teachers, has been crucial to rebuilding my fitness and healing my body. For those of us with autoimmune disease, yoga is a fantastic way to decrease stress and inflammation.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has not been kind to small businesses and my wonderful yoga studio is no exception. For those of you in the South Florida area, I urge you to give your local studio a try. If you’re in Palm Beach County, come check out Open Heart. These small business owners need our love and support more than ever! Here’s the GoFundMe that was started to assist my favorite yoga studio: Where ever you live, check in on your local business owners and see what you can to help them. If you happen to follow my blog and are a small business, please let me know so I can feature you here.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read The Song of the Lark, by Willa Cather

*Slow Flow with Ava from Open Heart Yoga Studio. I enjoyed the sound of the storms as I melted on my mat.

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Perhaps is the nefelibata in me that things people show grace to their fellow man when disagreeing on Facebook.

*Obedience training Anakin

*Week 10 BBG 2.0 day 4 yoga

*I was determined to hit all my professional today and I did! I love Wednesdays!

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Dreamy Saturday

Dreamy Saturday indeed. Don’t worry J Lo wasn’t in my dreams again last night. No, this dreamy consists of a day well balanced between productivity and relaxation. I was able to get some work done this morning before taking Monica’s great vinyasa class. As for Monica’s class, it is always challenging and invigorating. My headstand practice continues to improve. I actually stuck one for several seconds before almost tipping over. Fortunately, I was able to catch myself and come back down the right way. Monica’s Saturday class is ninety minutes of yoga bliss. By the end of class, I’d burned over two hundred calories and was drenched in sweat. Obviously, I was also completely relaxed and ready to face the rest of the day.

I grabbed a quick lunch. Today it was a lean cuisine. Since I’m starting the anti-inflammatory diet tomorrow, I figured I’d enjoy one last microwave meal. Doesn’t that sound tasty? By the time I finished eating, it was time to meet Luke’s colleague to deliver a check and pick up a check. Fortunately, we met at the rink, which has a Dunkin in the parking lot. Unsurprisingly, I indulged in a second cup of Dunkin’ on the day. Meanwhile, I chatted with my folks. I was happy to share how well Jake is doing at his new base. Thankfully, he FaceTimed them soon after I finished talking to them, so they were able to see and hear first hand how well he is doing. Naturally, my parents were tickled pink to see his new abode and see his face.

I worked while I finished my coffee, making for a spectacularly productive afternoon. Afterward, I went for my run. There were storms in our area, so it was another treadmill run today. Correspondingly, I turned on Curb and my music. The run went well and felt good. My hips, ankles, and knees all felt good throughout and after the run, which is key! I’ve been running for twenty-two to twenty-five minutes with a five-minute warm-up and thirteen-minute cooldown. As for the tempo, I’ve been steadily increasing it week over week. Indeed I’m ramping up the tempo very gradual. If I ramp it up too fast, I will reinjure my tendon.

Tonight I cooked up a delicious parmesan crusted chicken with roasted carrots and couscous. This was another HelloFresh meal and it was delicious and easy to prepare. I will be ordering this meal again. Naturally, the boys hated it, which was okay because we wanted to eat more. As for the rest of the evening, we’re watching Seinfeld with the puppies. Moreover, we’re planning our trip to see Jake! I can’t wait! It has been way too long since I’ve seen that boy. As for his brothers, they haven’t seen him since December! Hopefully, we’ll have the trip figured out and planned by the end of the weekend.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*I read Shirley, by Charlotte Bronte.

*Vinyasa with Monica from Yoga Mundo

*Morning and afternoon meditation put me in a good space. It was a dreamy Saturday!

*I made celery juice today. I’m not looking forward to drinking it.

*Took Anakin out to go to the bathroom. Today he was chasing feathers.

*Obedience training Anakin

*Week 8 BBG 2.0 day 6 yoga and cardio.

*As a treat, I enjoyed a Kinder bar again! I wish I had one more.

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