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Today’s weather was perfect for slapping some burgers and dogs on the grill. Normally, I’d be hard at work in the kitchen cooking up my latest Blue Apron box, but tonight we switched it up a bit. I was exhausted and my hubby was up for grilling, so burgers and dogs was the perfect solution. In fact, it was so perfect because I had everything we needed for both! Yay me!

Needless to say, I feel like I struggled with the BBG resistance workout today. Ordinarily, the Friday workouts I breeze through as it’s mostly ab work and I actually have strong abs. You just can’t see them yet. Sadly, I did have to face my nemesis of jumping rope. Obviously, I have lost a lot of coordination since childhood or my rope is insufficient. I even tried shortening the jump rope today, but that didn’t help at all. One of these days, I’ll master it!

The past couple of days I have been utterly and completely exhausted. And not just the run of mill sort of exhaustion, but complete systemic exhaustion. Naturally, I took it as a sign that I was not ready to add another run to my schedule. Initially, I was thinking that I’d add a high intensity run to both Wednesday and Friday. Now I realize that would be too much too soon. I’m interested to see how I feel next week at this time. Additionally, next week will be three weeks on the T3 supplementation, so my body should be accustomed to the change.

Friday afternoons are for yoga teacher, which I love. Naturally, it’s the only time of the day that my kids need me. Today was no exception as they interrupted class severe times. Unfortunately, I took it easy for part of the practice session as my foot has been giving me trouble today. Before I rested, however, I was able to teach Surya Namaskara A and Surya Namaskara B. Truly, I was happy with how it went, but teaching and doing Namaskara B is no joke.

Perhaps the most exciting part of today was the realization that there are only seven more days until the last day of school. This year has been trying for so many reasons and then came the pandemic. Honestly, I hope these kids are able to go back to school in the fall. If not, me and my fellow virtual school parents will be banging our noggins against the wall. I had high hopes that we would settle into a routine and all would be easy. However, in a crisis and with teenagers nothing is ever easy. Thank goodness for my sweet puppies Anakin, Athena and Maya. They help keep me sane.

I guess it would be easy to just complain about the last couple of months in the blog, but that would be an incomplete picture. Despite my frustrations, I love having this time with my boys. In a few short years, we will be empty nesters. After my oldest left the nest this December, I don’t look forward to that transition. Needless to say, having a child go off into the military makes you realize how precious and short lived your time as a family unit is. I’m not ready for the hockey mom days to be over. I am, however, ready for the quarantine days to be over.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading Vilette by Charlotte Bronte

*Morning and afternoon meditation

*Week 1 BBG 2.0 day 5 resistance and!

*Checked on the duck nest in our garden. We now have six eggs. We should have seven, but someone grabbed an egg to put in the incubator.

*I didn’t watch any tv today!

*Strategy session with my girl Jodi

*Obedience training Anakin courtesy of me!

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on multiple walks

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