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Tonight the Mayor and I were listening to music and it reminded of how time flies with the blink of an eye. We were listening to Nirvana, Bush, Green Day, Tupac. When their music first debuted, much like the Mayor is today, I was in middle school.

So here’s my list of things that pass with the blink of an eye:

1) Your childhood. It’s amazing how slowly the years seem to go by as a youth, but quickly here came adulthood. How lame….

2) Your childrens’ childhood. Okay, I totally call shenanigans on this one. While my childhood flew by, my kids’ youth seems to be moving at light speed! Can somebody put the brakes on all of this? This is total b.s.

3) Your well deserved weekend. No sooner have you blinked on Friday night when Sunday night rears it ugly head. Why can’t Mondays move this fast? How is one supposed to get all the housework, hockey, workouts and errands done when the weekend moves so fast? It’s impossible!

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4) Your long awaited dream vacation. You’ve planned the big vacay and countdown to the departure day. And then you blink and the vacation is over. Why oh why must the fun stuff in life fly by?!?!  Can somebody take me back to Norway?!?!?!

Since all of life’s brilliant moments seem to vanish in the blink of an eye, the key is to cherish and be grateful for these moments. Fortunately, while we cannot stop time, we can appreciate the time we have above ground.

Tonight’s song performed by The Verve is “Bittersweet Symphony.”

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