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Today the Mayor’s team held their beach training day at Phipp’s Park in Palm Beach with Coach Mike and their Coach Preston.  It was a remarkable day on the water with temperatures in the low 80s and nary a cloud in the sky over us.  The water temps were a bit cool for me at 78, but my son quickly reminded me how spoiled I’ve become.

For their training day, they did almost 90 minutes of off ice training in the sand and water.  Chiefly, Coach Mike put them through the paces with a number of exercises that you might see in a circuit class or at the gym.   Since I’m usually the one at the gym, it was nice watching the Mayor be put through paces.  Truthfully, some of those exercises are tough enough in the gym, so  I can’t imagine how much harder they would be in the hot Florida sand.

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Some the exercises, like the wheelbarrow race, relied on teamwork as they raced uphill in the sand.  It was quite fun watching these kids navigate the exercises together.  In between different modules, the kids would break for water, reapplication of sunscreen and then hit the waves for a bit.  Unfortunately, one kid did have a run in with a jelly fish as we started the day, so they didn’t go in too deep.  Fortunately, the jelly fish only slowed him down for a spell and he went on his way through the exercises.

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As their time on the beach winded down, they ran a race on the sand in the surf.  Once they finished their laps, they set up for their final exercises.  This exercise hails from Navy Seal training.   The kids sit  linked arms in the surf and have to stay connected.  Since there was jelly fish in the water, they sat right where the waves broke.  In the face of the surf, they had to stay strong and connected as a unit.  Truly, it was awesome to watch.  I look forward to Goalielocks’ team’s day at the beach.

Consequently, the sinuses are starting to feel a bit better.  My stomach still does not appreciate the antibiotics, but hopefully some yogurt will help that situation.  Fortunately, the beach is one of the best places to be when your sinuses are running afoul.  The salinity in the air is therapeutic and brought relief to my sinuses.  I do, however, look forward to finishing my course of antibiotics.   Once we got home from the beach, we went about the course of our day.  I wished I could hang the towels from a clothes line with some tenderhooks, but since I don’t have clothing line my shower will have to do.

Tonight’s song in honor of the “cold” water and the cold rink where we live is “Cold, Cold, Cold” by Caged the Elephant.  Enjoy!

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