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Well, I’m back to work after a few days off. It was nice to have a few days to relax. This weekend I bought myself a Bluetooth headset, which has been a godsend. Now I can get a lot done around the house. Better yet, I don’t have to sit for eight to twelve hours a day anymore. It’s awesome to be able to walk and talk and not be tethered to a desk.

Work, as expected, was super slow today. I still managed to have a decent day given the lack volume. Thank God I didn’t have to sit at my desk all day because I definitely would have fallen asleep. It is, however, a nice change of pace from the frenetic to pace that is AEP. Obviously, the days go by much slower when it’s a lot slower.

Tonight I’m just chilling before hopping on a Brown Bag event for Purple Stride. This year our event will take place on the same day across the country, which is pretty cool. Hopefully, we’ll see an uptick in donations and participants due to national campaign. Until then I’m watching Dopesick, which is a great show. It’s crazy how one drug destroyed communities and families across the country.

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