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Allergy season is in full effect here in South Florida. It’s particularly bad for me right now as the mango tree is in bloom. High pollen levels always cause problems for me, but it’s worse when it’s pollen from the mango tree. There’s just so much pollen outside right now as everything is in bloom. In fact, our Mazda is caked in it. The car is black, so the pollen is super noticeable. Goalielocks is going to wash it later today to get the coating of fresh pollen off the car.

The boys and I are taking Zyrtec daily to stave off the worst of the allergies. Nevertheless, I couldn’t stop sneezing after I came back from walking the dogs. Usually, I have sneezing fits when I eat too much. Well, not today. Today’s sneezing attack was sponsored in whole by pollen. Meanwhile, the Mayor has been coughing incessantly all week. I’m hoping the Zyrtec will help minimize the coughing fits. Fortunately, I haven’t had any trouble breathing due to the increased pollen count. Sometimes it will trigger my allergy-induced asthma, but that hasn’t happened yet. I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t happen.

The boys and I leave for the Bahamas Friday for a short spring break getaway. I’m hoping we leave allergy season behind in Florida while we galavant in the islands. According to the weather channel, there will be none of the major pollen types present while we’re there. Coming from Florida where several pollen types are in the high to moderate space will make this destination a real winner for us.

Today’s accountability tracker:

  • Workout: 45-minute spin class, plus 15-minute cooldown courtesy of Apple Fitness+
  • Book: Book: Marcel Proust’s  Finding Lost Time
  • Blog: done
  • Today’s song is Work Hard Play Hard by Wiz Khalifa

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