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It was adventure time for the Hubby and I this morning as we headed to BJ’s Wholesale Club for essentials. Obviously, this was a trip of last resort. Ordinarily I have my groceries delivered, but due to COVID19 all the delivery slots were full. In fact, it feels like we haven’t been there since the distant past (i.e. before Jake graduated.) It’s not that we avoid this store because we’re afraid of the virus. No, we avoid it because the snowbird clientele and the exercise in patience it takes to survive the trip. Ideally, we would have had the items delivered as that is the safest route.

Since delivery was not an option in the foreseeable future, we planned our trip for early Sunday morning. After a quick stop to pick up my coffee at Dunkin’, we headed to BJ’s to get in line to enter the store when they opened at 9:00. Fortunately, the line was not atrocious when we got there. However, Shortly afterwards the line grew exponentially. Thank God we got there early. By the time we were checking out, the store had already sold out of toilet paper and paper towel!

As for the shopping experience itself, it was great. The store’s stocks were lower, but we were able to get everything on our list less chocolate milk and Nutella. Additionally, I thought they had good limits on key items, so nobody could hoard stuff. One thing I liked better was how they ran the checkout line. Ordinarily it’s pick a line any line and it can take forever. Today they had one line from which an employee directed the customer to the next open cash register. Consequently, it resulted in a speedier, less frustrating shopping experience. Truly, it was quite the clever setup!


I feel much better now that we’re well stocked on the essentials. Previously, I was worried that we were going to run out of of something or everything all at once. Peace of mind sometimes comes from unexpected quarters, but hey I’ll take it! In a tremendous stroke of lucky, I was also able to place a Target order via Shipt for today, so we’re all good to go for a productive week. Translation: I was able to get enough milk today, so I won’t have to go back to the store until Wednesday!


As soon as we got back, the hubby put a Boston but pork roast in the smoker. Can I tell you how good our patio smelled today? While he manned the smoker and fixed our screen, I made sure the coffee cake dish got cleaned. Obviously, I had to contrive something yummy to dinner since the Hubby was smoking a roast. Consequently, I made up the gluten free brownies. They’re fantastic! To be honest, I think I prefer the coffee cake. Nonetheless both gluten free mixes from Krusteaz were really tasty and good texture.

The rest of the day was well spent cuddling with my puppy, who had a bit a of a stomachache. After vomiting this morning, he seems to be feeling much better. Nonetheless, we’ve tried to keep him calm and relaxing on the couch all day. Clearly, it was a hard sacrifice for me to make, but I was a good companion to Anakin today.


Lastly, my hubby had to go check on a job yesterday in Miami.  He took a picture of I-95 in downtown Miami at 12:30 pm and there is absolutely nobody on the road.  We’ve been down here for several hurricanes and we’ve never seen I-95 empty like it was yesterday, but I’m sure the express lane was still charging an $11 toll.

Here’s a list of our day’s activities:

*Reading To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

*Watched Family Guy and some Nature shows 

*Started to re-build our garden

*Home Depot run for more supplies for our garden

*Took Anakin, Maya and Athena on a walk 

*Worked on Obedience Training with  Anakin 

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