I’m a boy mom and a transplant from Minnesota who has been enjoying the South Florida lifestyle since 2005.  Surprisingly, I ended up a hockey mom in a subtropical climate.  Hockey mom is one of the many hats I’m proud to wear.   Like many women, I wear multiple hats each and everyday.  I’m proud wife to Luke who is  my soulmate and an incredibly talented carpenter.   I’m proud to lead an amazing team of leaders and admissions advisors at KU.   I’m proud to be the owner of my own business with my husband.  I’m proud to be a fitness professional teaching Zumba and inspiring my students.   Lastly, I’m proud to be friend to some of the most incredible people I have ever met – many I will introduce to you.

This blog is about the many hats I wear in my daily life and my attempt to balance those roles.  It isn’t always easy, but it is extremely rewarding.   In writing this blog, I hope to both amuse, inspire and help others striving to find this balance.

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I hope you enjoy reading the blog and that the window into our crazy world provides you with both entertainment and good information.