Game Two

Game two started off pretty evenly matched with few shots by either time. Late in the first, we finally broke the scoring drought with a beautiful goal by Frankie assisted by the Mayor. It was still a pretty evenly matched games with the shot count too close for comfort.

In the second period, Tavian and his line caught fire and added a pair of goals. By the end of the second, we had a comfortable 3-0 lead. Unfortunately, there’s really no comfortable lead with a full period of hockey left. The Flames came roaring back with three unanswered goals late in the third. To say that sent all of our blood pressures and heart rates through the ceiling would be a vast understatement.

After three periods, we were tied 3-3. Next was a 3 vs. 3 five minute overtime period. Needless to say, I was a bit worried as to how the OT period would go after the third period disaster. Fortunately, the Mayor put a quick end to our suffering with a beautiful goal early into OT. He and his teammate had a beautiful 2-1 going as they crashed the net. The Mayor made it look like he was going to pass, however, their defensemen dove taking away the pass. Instead of making the pass, he shot it in after the goalie started to slide prematurely in anticipation of the shot. It was a freaking beauty!!! While, it would have been nice to win in regulation, we’ll take the win and two points. Next up is the Clearwater Ice Storm! Let’s hope game 3 isn’t a nailbiter like game 2.

State Tournament Time

It’s state tournament time for the Mayor and his Hawks’ squad. We journeyed to the west coast yesterday for an early evening game in Estero. Unfortunately, our first game was against our fellow Hawks teams. I never enjoy these inter organization games especially when there’s hitting involved.

Fortunately, yesterday’s game was a clean game and pretty good. Unfortunately, a Hawks team had to lose. The Mayor and his team came away from the game with a 2-0 win, but it was a hard fought game. The 07 squad came to win and their effort showed it.

Today, they’ll face a tough Flames team and Clearwater team. Hopefully, the boys will bring their A game today and perform better than my NCAA tournament bracket. More to come later!